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Grupo Prodeco Fabric Structure

Groupo Prodeco required several large and durable Container Shelters to protect people and assets at their Colombia coal mine.

south america fabric shelter

Grupo Prodeco is a subsidiary of Glencore. The company ran a number of coal mines in Colombia, producing around 200 metric tonnes of coal during their years of operation.

The company required a number of Shelters to be used as heavy vehicle maintenance bays for large machinery and equipment.

DomeShelter Australia were approached to design, manufacture and deliver the large Structures required. Despite the challenges of a language barrier (Colombia being a Spanish-speaking country) and designing and engineering to Colombia’s climactic conditions, which includes an intense rainy season, DomeShelter Australia were able to offer a product that suited Grupo Prodeco’s needs.

DomeShelter Australia’s quality customer service, and easy-to-follow comprehensive instructions, also gave Grupo Prodeco the confidence that their team would be able to efficiently and easily install the Shelters themselves, which they did.

During the needs analysis process the DomeShelter™ Team realised the height needed to cover the large machinery, such as shovels, was beyond what DomeShelter Australia had designed before. After several concept changes, a solution was reached, involving Super-Rise roof structures mounted on double or triple stacked shipping containers, which achieved ample height clearance.

coal mine shelter solution hv bay


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