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Mount your Container Shelter on standard sea containers to create the ideal shelter solution for workers and equipment. The Container Dome is delivered to your site in kit form, ready for easy installation.

  • Stack containers one two or three high for the highest equipment
  • Modular lengths from 6 – 100m and more
  • Add end walls, doors, guttering, signage
  • Expandable secure storage and office space within containers
  • Cooler, lighter, brighter and quieter for a better work environment
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Mount your DomeShelter™ Structure on sturdy steel posts to create a span free workspace for workshop, garage or storage. High quality materials and rigorous engineering standards set a benchmark for guaranteed satisfaction

  • Wide range of width, height and length options
  • Leave side walls open for excellent airflow and lighting or
  • Add side fabric walls on one or both sides
  • Add end walls and doors as required
  • Attach one side to an existing building
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Integrate shipping containers and post-mounting to your DomeShelter™ Structure to create secure lock up office and storage one side and open access on the other

  • Secure office, tool storage or lock up facility one side
  • Open access for staff and equipment the other side
  • Add side fabric wall if required
  • Add end walls and doors
  • Attach post side to an existing building
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Perfectly suited for bulk materials storage or intensive animal husbandry, the Concrete Mounted fabric structure is a proven workhorse in the toughest agricultural and industrial conditions

  • Highly recommended for bulk materials storage
  • Ideal also for animal husbandry
  • Easy access for large equipment
  • Strong, sturdy, durable and reliable
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Included with every DomeShelter™ Product

10 year warranty

In every genuine DomeShelter™ Structure you’ll find quality, in the steel structure, in the fabric cover and in all the components supplied for installation.

Worldwide delivery

Built to tough Aussie engineering standards, now installed in 41+ countries throughout the world for workshop, warehouse and storage solutions.

High Quality

High quality and Quality Assurance processes are deeply embedded in our culture and our commitment to clients need for quality.


Clients can be assured their Fabric Buildings are durable and will withstand the rigours of the harsh environment they are often located in.

Cyclone Rated

Our design and engineering team are experts at designing to meet the engineering standards for the highest cyclonic regions.

Fit for Purpose

DomeShelter Australia will deliver a Shelter Solution that is fit for purpose, for a workshop, warehouse, fuel and tyre depot, aviation hangar or its many other uses.

On-Time Delivery

One of the key benefits of a standard sized Fabric Shelter System is the speed with which it can be dispatched and delivered to site anywhere in the world.

Easy Installation

DomeShelter Australia Shelters are specifically designed to be easily installed by clients’ own teams, using easy to follow installation instructions provided.


A prime consideration for installing a Fabric Structure is the ability to dismantle it and move across or off-site to cater to changing work conditions.


Safety is absolutely paramount. Our warranty of up to 10 years, our Quality Assurance certifications and historical track record provides the assurance of safety.

Customer Service

DomeShelter Australia clients have assurance that we are available every step of the way to support them and that we are easily contactable in any event.


Transform your Fabric Shelter into a Fit-For-Purpose Solution with the addition of a wide range of customised and standard add-on options.

Endwall & Door Options

Partial or full wall, one end or both. Fully engineered doors for personal and large equipment access, security and protection from the elements. Years of experience have perfected the wall and door options available for improved functionality.

Container Shelter 5

Signage & Branding

DomeShelter™  Fabric Structures are an attractive shelter solution and attract attention. Add your company branding or essential messaging when ordering to stand out and be seen when and where it matters.

DomeShelter as seen from a drone above the dome.

Guttering & Water Management

Guttering and water management add-ons provide full protection in the wettest weather, helping to keep your staff and equipment dry and working in comfortable conditions. Best added at the time of initial installation to be well prepared for any adverse weather.

Fabric Structures as alternatives to steel buildings