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Post Mounted Shelter Overview

Commonly used for protection of highly valuable materials and equipment offering spacious span free interior and natural ventilation

Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures offers a brilliant solution to an age old problem; providing excellent, versatile and easily constructed shelter in the quickest time

Our Specification Guide provides a complete visual guide to all the essential information you need to create a workshop, warehouse or storage solution.

Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures are quality designed to meet your specific shelter requirements. Our advanced engineering and design ensures a state-of-the-art highly durable and functional shelter solution.

  • Widths from 6 to 30 metres wide
  • Length – as long as required, just add modules
  • Height from zero to 6 metre posts
  • Engineered using highest quality tear-stop and UV resistant fabric
  • Highest quality Australian made steel and components
  • Cyclone rated up to highest level
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FAQ - Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure

A DomeShelter™ Fabric Structure mounted on steel posts is also known as a Post Mounted DomeShelter™ (PMDS) Structure. It is popular for a number of uses including garaging, staff amenity and shelter, and workshops.

A Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure without side and end walls offers free all-round access for personnel and equipment. Side and end walls and doors can be added to one or all sides for prevailing wind protection.

All DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures are designed and manufactured to be installed on-site. They are delivered to site in kit form with comprehensive and easy to follow instructions and can be installed by clients’ own teams.

The Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure is commonly seen in agricultural and farming environments as well as mining and industrial where it is likely to be used for garaging and equipment service and maintenance areas as well as storage.

A Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure is an arched fabric roof mounted on steel posts and comes with or without side walls and end walls, depending on the use it is required for. It provides excellent workshop and equipment maintenance space with free airflow, natural light and easy access to all sides. It can also be used for storage and garaging, tyre change bays, and almost anything that requires a roof for shelter and protection from the harsh elements.