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Fully Engineered Fabric Structures & Shelters Construction & Industrial

The construction & industrial sectors prioritise flexibility, versatility, and solutions that are easy and efficient. Fabric structures and shelters are ideal for construction and industrial operations. 

From urgent storage facilities, warehousing, or the need for a flexible construction site shelter, fabric structures provide a customisable, durable solution that keeps your people and assets safe and protected.  

Your people & assets can be confidently protected with fit-for-purpose infrastructure solutions. With over 25 years of testing in the elements, DomeShelter Australia are the industry leaders in providing fully engineered solutions that respond to all client needs.

Construction & Industrial domeshelter

Why Choose DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures & Shelters?


In-house engineers create fit-for-purpose solutions

Easy install

Our fabric structures are designed for installation by your team or local contractors, with support available from the DomeShelter Team

Rapid manufacturing

Our fabric structures are manufactured within 2-6 weeks from approval of General Assembly Drawings, making them ideal for urgent situations.


Our fabric structures & shelters can be moved and installed on various sites, offering flexibility in deployment.

Australian Made

Our fabric structures & shelters are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia to International standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Versatile Securing Options

We offer a range of hold-down/securing options, allowing for minimal disruption of sub-soil during installation.

Global Delivery

We've exported our shelters to more than 42 countries globally, thanks to our intelligent packaging design and partnerships with trusted logistics providers.

Tough as the Elements®

Our proven and rugged solutions are engineered for the world’s harshest conditions, protecting your people and assets.

DomeShelter Logic®

Our unique design methodology governs our thinking, processes, and outputs, resulting in optimal value engineering.

Common Uses for DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters & Structures in Construction & Industrial

  • Translucent fabric allows light to pass through, giving the inside even, bright light, creating a more pleasant work environment and saving energy costs. 
  • Classified as a temporary structure, council approval is not always required. 
  • Large fit-for-purpose designs allow for storage of various dimensions and safe and easy transport in & out. 
  • Our flagship Armourtex® 400 fabric tarp is fire-retardant and self-extinguishes, reducing hazard risk. 
  • Shelters are designed to be Fit-For-Purpose, with add-ons such as large doors and LED lighting available. 
  • Can be fully sealed with endwalls to provide proper containment for all types of blasting. 
  • Protects assets not only during work but also after hours, with fully sealed and lockable Shelters available. 
  • Designed to be fully fit-for-purpose and meet all your project specifications. 
  • Can be relocated if necessary to suit changing project needs. 
  • Shelters are Tough as the Elements and can protect from even harsh winds and rain; work can continue inside despite during weather events.  
  • Fully enclosable 
  • Capacity for Structures over 2000sqm, providing companies with fully functional workshops within less than 6 weeks* 
tarp manufacturing
  • Can be up to 60m long or more; incredibly large sizes without sacrificing strength or durability. 
  • No need for internal support poles resulting in clear span internal space for storage and work. 
  • Significantly shorter lead time than traditional steel structures 
Merkanooka Haulage: Case Study
  • Versatile hold-down options mean the shelters can be secured to about any surface (gravel, dirt, tarmac etc.) 
  • Protect staff and equipment from the sun’s harsh UV rays. 
  • Can be dismantled and relocated to the next job site at the end of each project. 

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