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Fully Engineered Fabric Structures & Shelters Defence & Aerospace Industry

The Defence & Aerospace industries face complex challenges: Environmental standards, the need for precision in all operations, responding to rapidly developing situations, and the list continues.  Protecting people and assets becomes easy with effective, trusted, Australian Made Fabric Shelters & Structures. From long-term infrastructure to rapidly deployable Shelter and emergency response, DomeShelter Australia can respond to all project needs to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution. 

With over 25 years of experience and over 7,800 Fabric Shelters installed across the globe, DomeShelter Australia has delivered infrastructure for a range of clients and purposes, including BAE Systems’ ship building activities, Equitorial Launch Australia’s Arnhem Space Centre, and in support of Exercise Talisman Sabre. 

Defence and Aerospace Helicopter | DomeShelter

Why Choose DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structures & Shelters?


Our in-house engineers create fit-for-purpose solutions.

Lightweight and readily constructed

The nature of our fabric structures makes them ideal for deployed use.

Easy to clean

Our shelters are easy to prepare for AQIS inspections. They have no ‘dual use’ goods, ITAR, or IP license restrictions.

Leave behind or donate

DomeShelter™ Structures can be left behind or donated to the host nation.

Designed for efficient deployment

Our fabric structures are designed explicitly for kit packaging in ISO containers and exported to the world’s remotest regions with minimal parts and complexity.

Australian Made

Our fabric structures & shelters are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia to International standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Global Delivery

We've exported our shelters to more than 42 countries globally, thanks to our intelligent packaging design and partnerships with trusted logistics providers.

Tough as the Elements®

Our proven and rugged solutions are engineered for the world’s harshest conditions, protecting your people and assets.

DomeShelter Logic®

Our unique design methodology governs our thinking, processes, and outputs, resulting in optimal value engineering.

Common Uses for DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters & Structures in Defence & Aerospace

  • Store and maintain aircraft in large structural Fabric Structures 
  • Ideal for remote locations as well as facilities with urgent hanger requirements 
  • Incorporate multi-spectral covers to disguise aircraft where necessary. 
  • Internal fit-out options, such as fire systems, can be incorporated into the structural design when required. 
  • In-house engineers design fit-for-purpose solutions according to your needs 
DomeShelter™ Container Mounted model as a Aircraft Hangar 3D model
  • Easy vehicle and MHE access can be provided through open shelters or endwalls with flexible doors. 
  • Ideal for remote locations as well as facilities with urgent vehicle maintenance facility requirements 
  • Incorporate standard ISO containers for mounting system and storage. 
DomeShelter™ Structures are ideal for fast deployable maintenance bays on Defence equipment.
  • QDDS (Quickly Deployable DomeShelter™ Structure in development for large Shelters in crisis 
  • In-house fabrication of steel and fabric, ensuring reliability, quality and timeliness​ 
  • In-house Project Management to facilitate ‘complete facility’ design packages and reduce delivery risks. 
  • Designed and packaged for easy transportation and delivery, simple and fast on-site construction. 
DomeShelter™ Container Mounted model used as Emergency Response Facilities/Fire Station in 3D model.
  • Container Mounted Structures can provide secure storage with a level of environmental control. 
  • Customised to include doors, ventilation systems, endwalls etc., to be fit-for-purpose. 
  • Ideal for remote sites with easy installation by your teams 
  • DomeShelter™ Structures provide shade and protection from the elements. 
  • Fully enclosed to reduce the potential for enemy observation. 
  • Ideal for remote sites with easy installation by your teams 
DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters used as an airbase for shelters in defence
  • DomeShelter™ Australia have fabricated several huge shelters for use as warehouses across many industries. 
  • Fit-For-Purpose and fully engineered to suit each application. 
  • Deployable pallet and warehouse racking systems can be laid out within 
  • Assets protected from the elements and secured from observation and access. 

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