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Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Structures & Shelters for Transport & Logistics

From efficient storage facility solutions, warehousing, or flexible vehicle maintenance bays, Fabric Shelters are a customisable, durable solution to keep your people and assets protected.

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  • Made in Australia; designed, engineered and manufactured to International standards
    Customisable; in-house engineers create Fit-For-Purpose solutions
  • Easy install; designed to be installed by your own team or local contractors, with support available from the DomeShelter™ Team
  • Manufactured in 2-6 weeks from approval of General Assembly Drawings, making them ideal in urgent situations
  • Portable; can be moved and installed on various sites
  • A range of hold-down/securing options, allowing minimal disruption of sub-soil
DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures for Transport & Logistics - Merkanooka

Common Uses of DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures for Transport & Logistics

  • Translucent fabric allows light to pass through, giving the inside of Shelters even, bright light, creating a more pleasant environment that saves on energy costs
  • Classified as a ‘temporary structure’, meaning council approval is not always needed
  • Large, fit-for-purpose designs allow for storage facilities of various dimensions, as well as safe and easy transport in & out
  • Dedicated laydown areas for shipping goods to various destinations 
  • Sheltered space for efficient logistics management and protection during loading & unloading 
  • Shelters are Tough as the Elements, and are able to protect from even harsh winds and rain; work can continue underneath despite weather events
  • Protects assets not only during work but also after-hours, with fully sealed and lockable Shelters available 
  • Can be up to 60m long or more; incredibly large sizes without sacrificing strength or durability 
  • Fit-for-purpose designs that can accommodate storage areas with passages for unobstructed vehicle movement in and out
  • Wide range of sizes and designs to accommodate different machinery sizes, with in-house experts to help advise a fit-for-purpose solution 
  • Provides a safe and ambient working environment 
  • Portable/Semi-permanent – alternative hold-downs available to reduce or even eliminate the need for in-ground concrete footings
tarp manufacturing
  • Can be up to 60m long or more; incredibly large sizes without sacrificing strength or durability
  • No need for internal support poles resulting in clear span internal space for storage and work
  • Significantly shorter lead time than traditional steel structures
Merkanooka Haulage: Case Study

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