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DomeShelter Australia has an uncommon commitment to quality and innovation that has ensured the DomeShelter™ Product is consistently rated as the best in the market.

DomeShelter Australia is a privately-owned company employing 50 staff in its manufacturing facilities in Western Australia. Started by brothers Geoff and Trevor Fawkes in the mid-nineties, they have grown to become a respected and leading supplier of high-quality fit-for-purpose Fabric Shelters to a wide range of industries, from mining to industrial to aviation and more.

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Our Staff

Photo of Trevor Fawkes
Trevor Fawkes


Geoff Fawkes - Director at DomeShelter™
Geoff Fawkes


Photo of Cristina Mico
Cristina Mico

Business Improvement

Kobus Franck - Head of Finance at DomeShelter™.
Kobus Franck

Head of Finance

Roy Fawkes - Sales & Product Development Manager at DomeShelter™
Roy Fawkes

Sales & Product Development Manager

Photo of Alex Grigio
Alex Grigio

Operations Team Leader

Paul Roulstone - Project Coordinator at DomeShelter™
Paul Roulstone

Project Coordinator

Photo of Natalie Horak
Natalie Horak

Customer Care Team Leader

Second photo of Mark McEwen
Mark McEwen

Design Team Leader

Bernice Porter - Sales Consultant at DomeShelter™.
Bernice Porter

Sales Consultant

Photo of Mark McEwen
Bobby Fawkes

Sales Consultant

Siobhan Fawkes - Shelter Specialist at DomeShelter™
Siobhan Fawkes

Shelter Specialist

Harry Fawkes - Client Relationship Manager at DomeShelter™.
Harry Fawkes

Client Relationship Manager

Photo of Michael Mico.
Michael Mico

Steel Team Leader

Photo of Chenoa Fawkes.
Chenoa Fawkes

Finance Team Leader

Photo of Majid Shabestari
Majid Shabestari

Project Estimator

Photo of Lavinia Fawkes.
Lavinia Fawkes

Marketing Coordinator

Photo of Jim Tindal.
Jim Tindal

Special Projects

Photo of Phil Robinson
Phil Robinson

Warehouse Team Leader

Our Design Philosophy

Within DomeShelter Australia there is a design philosophy of continuous improvement. It’s in our DNA to find the ultimate balance of all critical design elements. We refer to it as DomeShelter™ Logic and it includes;

The Fabric Structure delivered to the client, whether it be standard or customised will be fit-for-purpose

It has to be a cost-effective shelter solution for both the client and DomeShelter Australia. We work in a competitive market and our shelters compete with alternative shelter solutions such as steel buildings.

This is an internal design aspect – it refers to our focus to make the Fabric Shelter in the most efficient way possible.

The DomeShelter™ Structure is renowned for its ease of installation and then relocation across or off-site.

Being smart in evaluating relevant engineering criteria, managing risk and efficient use of all design elements.

A DomeShelter™ Fabric Structure looks good, stands out on site and draws attention.

CAD sketch of a DomeShelter model.