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Container Shelter Overview

Built to Australia’s high engineering standards and synonymous with quality, for a fit-for-purpose, versatile and durable container shelter solution.

Corrugated steel buildings have been in use for nearly two centuries and have stood the test of time, but with the increasing sophistication of fabric technology, DomeShelter™ Container Shelters are now proven alternatives to steel sheds on mining and industrial sites.

Our Specification Guide provides a complete visual guide to all the essential information you need to create a workshop, warehouse or storage solution.

Container DomeShelter™ Structures come in a large range of sizes to suit various shipping container configurations and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions including cyclonic winds up to the highest cyclone rating D.

  • Stack containers one, two or three high for the highest equipment
  • End to end containers for any length required
  • Widths from 6-30 metres for large span free work spaces
  • Add-ons including end walls, doors, guttering, signage
  • Create multiple workshop bays with common container walls
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FAQ - Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures

A DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shelter mounted on standard sea containers is also known as a Container Mounted DomeShelter™ (CMDS) Structure. DomeShelter Australia are one of the original designers and manufacturers of this versatile shelter option. It has been field tested in some of the harshest weather and most remote conditions in the world and has stood the test of time for strength, durability and versatility. It can cope with the harshest sun conditions and can be engineered to withstand severe cyclonic wind.

Some of the worlds leading mining, oil & gas and industrial companies are big users of a Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures. Widely used for workshops for small and large equipment of the type typically found on mine sites, warehouses for bulk storage and logistics operations, small aircraft hangars, and over 100 other uses.

The arched steel structure and associated fabric covering are manufactured in-house at DomeShelter Australia’s facilities in Western Australia, packed down into kit form for transport to sites throughout the world. Once on-site, they are matched with sea containers shipped to site independently and typically installed by clients’ own teams in very quick time, depending on the shelter size.

Container Dome Shelters are quick and easy to order, can be transported to the remotest sites throughout the world in kit form in a standard sea container and then installed on-site by your team, following installation instructions provided.

They also provide large span free workshop and warehouse space and are light, bright and quiet to work under.

Multiple shelters can be joined and interconnected to create large and very effective work-spaces.

The cost of a DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shelter can be likened to the cost of a car – it depends on many factors, including size, configuration, and extras. Also, the region in which it is to be located determines the wind rating required and subsequent engineering specifications and its transport costs to site. The best way to ascertain cost is to inquire to DomeShelter Australia with project specifications.

The Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures are  commonly used across a range of industries but are most common in the mining, oil and gas and general industrial sectors, including logistics, port operations and aviation. It is a modern and innovative alternative to the traditional steel shed.