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Fabric Structures as alternatives to steel buildings

There used to be a saying in the IT industry that “you’ll never get fired for using Microsoft.” You could take a risk on some low-cost importer from China and save a little, but if anything goes wrong, you will have to answer why you didn’t opt for guaranteed reliable old Microsoft.


DomeShelter™: Superior where safety is concerned.

In the mining and industrial sector, safety is paramount; in fact, the number one consideration in any purchase ahead of performance and price. If it’s not guaranteed safe, nothing else matters.

Shipping Container Shelters: Reliability, Quality & Safety

DomeShelter Australia, of course, isn’t in the same industry as Microsoft, but as a leader in the Fabric Structure industry, we have become synonymous with reliability, quality, and safety. We have rescued many companies who have had their “Microsoft” moment and regretted a buying decision based on just price. In many instances, proper insurance will pay out for wind damaged Shipping Container shelters. But the cost of lost production and safety to staff and assets is far higher than the value of the shelter replacement.

Buyers of DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shelters sleep well at night, knowing their shelters are secure and engineered to the highest standard required for the region they are located. Whether the shelter is located in Australia’s North West, renowned for cyclones or metropolitan industrial areas, a DomeShelter™ Structure is designed and manufactured to withstand the prevailing winds.

shipping container shelter - night shift

Australian Wind Code and Cyclone Ratings for Buildings 

Australia has some of the highest engineering standards in the world. The Australian Wind Code was developed to meet that standard and ensure building structures are designed to withstand the anticipated wind speeds of the region they are located. The design and engineering teams at DomeShelter Australia work diligently to ensure every shelter produced in our facilities meets the rigorous wind code standards, even up to wind code region D of severe cyclonic often seen in Australia’s North West region.

DomeShelter Australia has exported shelters to nearly 40 countries throughout the world and in every case the local wind conditions are taken into account when designing and fabricating the shelter structure.

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Further Information

For further information, check out the following free information links or other information available throughout the DomeShelter Australia website.

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