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container shelter installation

One of our most commonly asked questions is about Fabric Shelter installation: Whether our Shelters can be installed by the client’s own team and how straightforward the install will be.  

DomeShelter™ Structures are designed to be quickly and easily delivered in kit form, complete with comprehensive installation instructions. We utilise our unique design methodology, DomeShelter Logic®, to ensure that every component of a DomeShelter Kit has been manufactured for effective and efficient installation, even by first-time installers or the client’s own on-site team. 

DomeShelter Australia also has a team of authorised and skilled installers on hand for large, complicated jobs, or for clients who simply want to engage the extra service. 

Alex De Groot has been installing DomeShelter Structures since 2009 and we recently spoke to him about his experience with our Structures. 

An Installer’s Perspective 

“We have been installing for DomeShelter Australia since 2009,” Alex began. “When we install Container Shelter kits, we know that everything we need on-site turns up in the kit, no need to take spares to site. The best thing is the accuracy of the product.” 

He explained that his team has even had a hand in relocating DomeShelter Structures up to seven or eight times. “They become much more cost effective than a steel shed,” he stated. 

DomeShelter Australia products are made to last. To date, we have never had to replace one. We recently installed a 27-metre wide structure, the steel used was 125x75x5mm, competitors have used 100x50x2mm for the same size, so there is no comparison. 

You know you’ve got something that is 100% engineered and it’s going to stand up, compared to something that looks alright for the moment and you hope the first gust of wind that hits it, doesn’t. There is a massive difference.” 

For more, you can view Alex’s testimonial video about installation here 

DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures: Installed Fast and On-Time 

DomeShelter Fabric Structures are quick to install, built to last, and backed by 20 years experience, ISO 9001 certification and Australian engineering standards. Whether your team are installing, or you require a DomeShelter™ Installation Expert, get in touch with a consultant today to discuss your site’s requirements.    

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