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Fabric Structure council approvals

Our sales team is often asked about Council Approvals requirements for our structures and what services we offer relating to them. Council Approvals and permits are not always required for Fabric Structures, but rules and the particulars surrounding approvals vary considerably from council to council.  

We do not get involved in the Council Approval process because DomeShelter Australia is not a Registered Builder. We recommend anyone looking to clarify the rules and requirements for their area get in contact with their council directly or engage the services of Building Consultancy firm. Depending on project size and complexity, we can assist with engaging a Registered Building contractor to support your project e.g. Turn-Key / Design & Construct contracts. 

Council Approvals: Summary

When you talk to your council, they will often take the following factors into consideration when adding a structure to your property: 

  • Land zoning 
  • Temporary or permanent use 
  • Space availability 
  • Restrictions on access due to the structure 
  • If it affects neighboring properties 

We recommend you do contact your local council to see whether you need approval for your Structure, even if you think you may not. Councils reserve the right to issue fines for unapproved buildings. In some cases they can order them to be removed or demolished. 

Some councils will enquire after Engineering Certifications as part of the application process; DomeShelter Australia do offer this service at a fee. The certifications we offer are site-specific and include indicative ‘hold-down’ requirements, reactions, drafting and engineering. 

DomeShelter Australia

In short, we are not able to undertake any part of the approvals process internally as we are not registered builders and it is outside our jurisdiction. As stated above, you can contact a building/planning consultant who is qualified to provide the correct recommendations and assist with the approvals process if their services are required.

The DomeShelter Australia team is happy to provide the relevant drawings and any other technical information about your structure. We may also be able to make recommendations if you’re unsure where to get started with the approvals process. We are committed to putting customers first and making every element of the process as smooth as possible. 

If you would like more information about your Fabric Shelter purchase, visit contact us to submit an enquiry today.

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