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Sun Metals Container | DomeShelter

In late 2017, DomeShelter Australia installed two huge Structures at Sun Metals in Townsville, Northern Queensland. Having been delivered quickly and installed easily despite their considerable size, they are a textbook example of the benefits of a DomeShelter™ Structure.  

Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures for Sun Metals, Townsville 

Sun Metals is an Australian subsidiary of Korea Zinc Company Limited, the largest zinc, lead and silver producer in the world. The Sun Metals zinc refinery is located 15km south of the city of Townsville in North Queensland, and specialises in producing a special high grade zinc product. 

Sun Metals Container Dome Installation

At 30 metres wide and 85 metres long, the two DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures at Sun Metals’ Townsville site sit side by side on forty-two 40ft containers, making them two of the largest-built Fabric Shelters in Australia. Having taken just two months from order to installation, it was an extraordinarily fast process, highlighting one of DomeShelter™ Structures’ best qualities; their speed of supply and installation. 

Even at their massive size, the Shelters are built to withstand Category C cyclonic wind speeds up to 230 kph, in accordance with the Australian Wind Code for the Townsville region. The containers are weighted with soil ballast, alleviating the need for structural footings, therefore making it quicker and easier to relocate the Structures if required, and erasing the need for site remediation should the shelters be dismantled and relocated. 


Quick Delivery of DomeShelter Structures, Within Australia and Globally 

DomeShelter Australia can supply a standard sized Container Mounted Shelter within weeks, sometimes days, of order, and deliver to site anywhere in Australia, where they can be quickly and easily installed by contractors or your own team. We also export to over 40 countries globally, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Quick delivery and easy installation are the hallmarks of a DomeShelter™ Structure. 

Easy Installation On-Site

Once on-site they can be installed by the client’s own teams, or an expert team from DomeShelter Australia can be contracted for larger and more complex projects like the Sun Metals project. Years of experience have seen the installation instructions supplied with every shelter refined to be as straightforward and easy to follow as possible. Feedback from clients and continuous satisfaction surveys rate the ease of installation very highly.  

The above video shows the basic steps associated with a DomeShelter™ Container Dome Installation.

These include:

  1. Site preparation 
  2. Sea container placement and securing as required – see Mounting & Securing Options 
  3. Installing mounting rails to the sea container 
  4. Assembling hoops and framework to the mounting rails 
  5. Installing the fabric membrane carefully over the framed structure 
  6. Securing and tensioning the fabric 

DomeShelter Structures, an Alternative to Steel Buildings 

DomeShelter™ Structures are now widely used as an alternative to traditional steel buildings for workshops, warehouse solutions and more. Mining and industrial companies throughout the world are finding major benefits associated with delivery, installation and dismantling at the conclusion of their project, to cater to changing work needs. 

Our Shelters service companies in mining, oil & gas, aviation, logistics & warehousing, agriculture, government, and just about anywhere else a Shelter Solution could be required.  

For further information about DomeShelter Australia Structures and how they can work for your business, call our friendly customer service team on 1300 193 188 or visit Request a Quote to get in contact with a DomeShelter Consultant. 

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