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AgShelter® Structure Product Overview

Our AgShelter® structures are widely used for storage, workshops and housing animals, and in fact are versatile and durable for all farming conditions.

Hay storage, equipment garaging and workshop or animal husbandry. The range of uses for our AgShelter® Structures is up to the imagination.

Our AgShelter® Structures are typically post or concrete mounted and provides open access, natural daylight and spaciousness to suit all common uses.

Stand out from the crowd with a modern shelter option for your sheep, pigs, cattle, hay and valuable farm equipment. Save money with easy self-install following comprehensive instructions provided with each Shelter Kit. Short lead time and fast delivery means efficient solutions to keep work moving.

  • Widths from 6-30 metres
  • Post height from 1-6 metres
  • Add modules for any length required
  • Spacious, natural light, and easy access
  • Proven cooler than steel shed alternatives

Our Specification Guide provides a complete visual guide to all the essential information you need to create a workshop, warehouse or storage solution.


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Available Add-Ons

See our wide range of specially designed add-ons

Transform your AgShelter® Structure into the ideal workshop, garage and storage solution for your hay, equipment and animals. Starting with end walls, PA and large equipment access doors, flooring, guttering, lighting and even signage to brand your shelter and stand out.

FAQ - AgShelter®

An AgShelter® Fabric Structure is specially built for agricultural use, be it intensive animal husbandry, or storage for hay or machinery.

An AgShelter® Structure consists of a Fabric Roof mounted on either steel posts or concrete walls, depending on the end use requirement. Concrete walls are typically used for animal husbandry and steel posts for storage.

An AgShelter® Fabric Structure provides an ideal environment for housing animals, from pigs to calves and larger farm animals. Its translucent fabric roof ensures good daylight but excellent UV protection. Sides can be left open for good ventilation while still protecting from harsh weather. In addition, it is shipped to the site in kit form and can be easily installed by the user, saving both time and money.

Our AgShelter® Fabric Structures are used for a wide range of agricultural applications from hay storage, machinery garaging and workshops, and animal husbandry. They are especially useful without side walls for airflow and access on all sides. Add sidewalls, one side or both and end walls for more weather protection and security.