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The aviation industry is increasingly turning to innovative Shelter Solutions for the storage of light aircraft and helicopters, especially in remote areas.  

Fabric Structures, also known as Container Mounted DomeShelters Structures, Container Shelters or Shipping Container Sheds, have emerged as a preferred choice for aviation contractors due to their versatility and numerous advantages. 

This article will outline the advantages and disadvantages of Fabric Shelters when used in the aviation industry, their unique benefits, and potential aviation uses. 

Why Use a Fabric Structure for Aviation?

Fabric Structures are perfectly suited to a range of aviation uses. The top 5 benefits are:

1. Obstruction-free, large span: The unique arched roof design of Fabric Structures provides an expansive span of up to 30 meters or more without the need for internal support poles, creating a spacious and open area suitable for storing helicopters and light aircraft. 

2. Stacked Containers: Modular designs allow for easy adaptation to suit your requirements, such as the ability to stack Sea Containers up to three high to achieve the required height clearance for aircraft. 

Plane under container mounted DomeShelter


3. Fit-Outs: Sea Containers also enhance the functionality of Fabric Structure facilities, able to double as storage, office space, waiting areas, and more. 

4. Rapid Deployment: Off-site manufacturing and kit form assembly of Fabric Structures allows for rapid deployment, meeting the time-sensitive demands of aviation projects. 

5. Temporary or Permanent Use: Fabric Structures offer timeframe flexibility, serving as a temporary shelter for short-term projects or as a permanent solution, depending on the needs of aviation contractors. Structures can be relocated between sites for extended lifespan and increased ROI while promoting sustainability through reuse. 

Fabric Structures as an Alternative to Steel Sheds

In the aviation industry, where time-limited contracts for flight services are common, Fabric Structures are fast replacing traditional steel sheds 

Fabric Structures are manufactured off-site and transported to site in kit form for installation. Installers, following comprehensive instructions provided, can have the Structure fully installed from as little as a few hours to a few days depending on size and complexity. 

This efficiency contrasts sharply with the bulkiness and skilled labor requirements of transporting and erecting steel sheds, making Fabric Structures a more flexible and economical choice for aviation contractors.  

Not only are Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures easy to transport and install, but they also have a significantly lower impact on the ground compared to traditional steel sheds. In-house engineering to strict Australian Standards allows them to withstand up to cyclonic winds, ensuring the safety and security of aviation assets in remote and challenging environments. 

As a result, Fabric Structures are increasingly seen on remote sites for a wide range of applications, including aviation hangars. 

defence aircraft hangar quick deployment

DomeShelter™ Aviation Solutions 

DomeShelter Australia’s experienced in-house team has developed a range of specialised Aviation Shelter Solutions, optimised for the needs of the industry. 

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to ISO standards, DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures are the genuine, trusted, durable choice for Fit-For-Purpose Solutions that protect people and assets from the harmful effects of the elements. 

In addition to these Solutions, we have a dedicated and experienced in-house team who are able to work closely with you to deliver a Solution that suits your project needs.

Flexi Shelters

  • Mounted on 20 or 40′ sea containers; these can be modified for a range of uses including storage or reception rooms
  • Fire protection systems can be mounted to the roof frame
  • Ideal for general aviation, charter operators, military aircraft, deployment and relocatable operations, and more

Flexi Shelter Aviation Hangar Fabric Shelter

Flight Line Shelters

  • Ground mounted Truss frame for optimum strength
  • Provides protection from observation and a large span interior for unobstructed storage, operations and maintenance
  • Useful for passenger operations, weapons preparation and loading, permanent and remote airfields, and more

Fabric Shelter Hangar Aviation Solutions

Omni Shelter

  • Ground mounted Truss frame, closed sides for ultimate protection
  • Heights from 12-15m
  • Offers protection for repair and maintenance facilities, cargo loading, fuel loading and more

Fabric Structure Aviation Solutions

Get In Touch 

As the aviation industry embraces the need for versatile, cost-effective, and rapidly deployable Shelter Solutions, Fabric Structures are becoming the go-to choice for aviation contractors.  

The ability to quickly assemble, dismantle, and relocate these structures, combined with quality in-house engineering, positions DomeShelter Australia’s Aviation Solutions Range as an indispensable asset for aviation uses in both remote and dynamic work environments. 

For more information about our Aviation Solutions range, get in touch with the team today. We also have a free 3D Design Tool available on our website, where you can explore Shelter options and create your own facility. 

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