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DomeShelter Container Mounted Fabric Structure

As leading suppliers of Container-Mounted Fabric Shelters, one of our most commonly asked questions is whether or not we supply containers as part of our Shelter Kits. 

Sea containers are not a standard inclusion in our Fabric Shelter Kits. Many of our clients use containers of their own.  

For convenience, and to simplify the procurement process, we are able to package shipping containers in as part of one complete Shelter Kit. However, containers are considered add-on extras and come at an added cost when included with a Shelter purchase. 

For modified or outfitted containers, we highly recommend talking to experts in the field and going to the suppliers directly – we are happy to integrate our processes with those of your chosen container provider to deliver a more streamlined project, but communicating with them directly is important to ensure you are getting the product that best suits you. 

In many cases, dealing with container suppliers independently will also save you a mark-up generated by us procuring the containers on your behalf. 

DomeShelter™ Container Mounted Fabric Structure

Case Study 1: Equatorial Launch Australia 

ELA approached DomeShelter Australia for two highly customised Shelters for use at their Arnhem Space Centre. The Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures had to be fully compliant and suited to the aerospace industry’s stringent requirements. 

To ensure their Shelter Solutions were comprehensive and fully Fit-For-Purpose, DomeShelter Australia undertook all elements of the Shelter design and manufacture process, acquiring all the necessary add-ons including several fitted-out sea containers. This delivered an efficient, turn-key Shelter Solution for ELA’s convenience and peace of mind. 

Case Study 2: PetroChad 

PetroChad needed a durable and reliable Shelter Solution that could be manufactured and installed efficiently ahead of the wet season at their remote oil fields in the Doba Basin in Chad, Africa. 

DomeShelter Australia worked closely with Petrochad’s management team in London to develop a solution that also made use of surplus shipping containers already on-site. It saved time and money for PetroChad to be able to utilise their existing containers; this is an option many DomeShelter Australia clients take advantage of. 

If you’re unsure, best practice is to get in touch with a member of our friendly and experienced sales team, who are always happy to give advice and point you in the right direction. 

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