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Fabric Structures are becoming more and more common, and perhaps you’ve considered one, but are worried about whether it will last. Constructed with a Fabric Cover, they’re often associated with tents, which understandably wouldn’t be expected to weather a storm. 

Like everything, how long a Fabric Shelter lasts depends on how it is constructed. Depending on these factors, Fabric Shelters can stand for years on end. Some contributing factors include: 

  • Engineering 
  • Wind code 
  • Weather conditions 
  • Material quality 

It’s important to check each of these factors with your supplier, as they will determine if the Shelter will stand the test of time. For example, while we can’t speak for every supplier, many do not engineer their Shelters in accordance with the Australian Wind Code. 

DomeShelter Australia’s Fabric Structures are sometimes referred to as ‘temporary structures’, which creates confusion about how long they last and whether they are suitable for long-term applications. 

All DomeShelter™ Structures are designed to stand the test of time, fully engineered and manufactured using the best quality materials. While Fabric Structures are semi-permanent rather than permanent installations, with the correct upkeep they have been proven to last for decades. 

fabric shelter temporary container shelter

DomeShelter™ Logic 

DomeShelter Structures are designed intelligently using DomeShelter Logic™, our design methodology aimed towards providing fit-for-purpose, cost effective and efficient Shelter Solutions, designed with full ISO complicacy, built with the best Australian steel and highest quality tarp fabric, and backed by superior customer service from consultancy to installation and beyond.    

DomeShelter™ Logic is the result of 25 years of industry experience and product development, resulting in smart detailing that guarantees strength and durability, and maximises the longevity of our Shelter Solutions. 

Quality Materials & Standards 

The industrial-grade Fabrics used by DomeShelter Australia are the result of decades of field testing in harsh environments. Our premium Armortex® Tarp Fabric is well-proven, resistant to tear and abrasion, has superior strength/weight ratios, and comes with a 20 year UV warranty. 

Each Structure is carefully designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1170.2, with a design working life of 25 years. The Fabric Tarps, however, are considered replaceable items and would be expected to last 12+ years depending on location and the conditions of use if maintained well. In some cases, structures are still performing 20+ years later with a replacement cover.  

The small details that make up a DomeShelter™ Solution may look insignificant when comparing your options, but these are some of the reasons they have been proven to withstand the harshest of conditions for over 25 years.  

Case Study: WA Piggeries 

DomeShelter’s first customers in the early years of business were pig farmers in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, looking to imitate Canadian straw-based piggeries with canvas-covered dome-shaped structures to house their livestock.  

These DomeShelter™ Structures, constructed in the late 90s, are still standing and in use at the piggeries today, over 20 years later. While some have had tarp replacements in recent years, the structures have stood the test of time and continue to offer safe, durable and reliable shelter for the pigs. They are a testament to the DomeShelter’s promise of quality and durability.  

pig farm shelters straw based piggery

DomeShelter Australia: Tough As The Elements® 

DomeShelter Australia’s Shelter Solutions are backed by a 10 year warranty that covers Engineering, General Workmanship, Framework, Fabric and the Fabric Joins. Additionally, DomeShelter™ Tarps have a 20-year UV warranty.  

Our commitment to ongoing care, not just from order to installation but beyond, means if there are ever any issues with your DomeShelter™ Structure, or if you find yourself in need of replacements, there will be a DomeShelter™ Consultant available to assist you.  

If you would like to learn more about DomeShelter™ Products, visit Contact Us to submit an enquiry or call 1300 193 188. You can also use our free 3D Design Tool to create your own DomeShelter™ Structure and explore our size and customisation options.

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