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There is sometimes confusion about what our product is and who it is suitable for – “Fabric Shelters” can conjure images of marquees or other small, tent-like structures. At DomeShelter Australia we can design and manufacture fully engineered Shelter Solutions with durable steel frames, built to withstand up to Region D Cyclonic wind speeds.

DomeShelter™ Structures are constructed using the highest quality Australian steel and our renowned Armourtex™ fabric. They are proven Shelter Solutions that are Tough as the Elements®.

Who We Work With

DomeShelter Australia works with companies around the globe, ranging from reputable independent contractors to large corporations such as BHP Billiton, Fortescue Metals Group and Halliburton. Our projects vary from standard size Container Mounted Shelters to large, custom-built Structures.

Examples of past projects include Fit-For-Purpose Workshops, multi-bay Maintenance Facilities and wheel-mounted Transportable Shelters to protect staff and assets from the harsh elements. With a dedication to fulfilling every customer’s individual needs, the ultimate DomeShelter™ Purpose is to protect people and assets from the harmful effects of the elements. 

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Our customers typically fall under the following criteria: 

  • Represent an industrial company 
  • Often a project manager, engineer, business owner or someone who is looking after the infrastructure on a work site 
  • Usually seeking an agile, reliable and fully compliant solution 

If any of these seem familiar, there is a good chance we can help you. With a huge range of past projects spanning over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured Shelter Solutions for a range of varied requirements outside these, but this criteria gives an indication of our typical scope. 

Common Misconceptions

You may be looking for a Shelter Solution and wondering whether DomeShelter Australia is the right supplier for you. While we would love to help everybody with their Shelter needs, we can’t be a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and there are inevitably situations where a DomeShelter™ Structure may not be the right fit. 

We occasionally receive enquiries from customers looking for: 

  • A small, inexpensive shelter for carports, shed extensions, pool covers etc. 
  • Greenhouses or other garden shelters 
  • Temporary (<3-month tenure) tents for events 

If this is you, or you have a similar enquiry, these are some important things to consider: Our smallest shelters measure 6mx6m and are engineered to the same standards as our largest structures. These usually start at a minimum cost of $7k. 

Being one of the leading Fabric Shelter suppliers, not only in Australia but internationally, DomeShelter™ Structures are often used for large, high-compliance projects. This compliance standard involves stringent, ISO compliant quality control practices, comprehensive engineering and comes at a consequently higher price point. This means our Shelters are often not suitable or ideal for people seeking an inexpensive, quick-fix Shelter. 

Farm shelters

Questions to Ask

  • Is the Shelter for a residential purpose? 
  • Is your budget for the Shelter under $7k? 
  • Is the Shelter meant for a one-off event or other extremely temporary use? 

If the answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, there’s a chance a DomeShelter™ Structure may not be a suitable solution for your needs. 

Get in Touch

Our friendly sales team is available on business days to chat about your project and are always happy to assist if you have any questions. If you’re still unsure whether DomeShelter Australia is a good fit for your upcoming project, reach out today and a DomeShelter Consultant will investigate your requirements and offer advice. 

Call 1300 193 188 to chat with one of our friendly team or visit Contact Us to submit an enquiry today. 

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