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DomeShelter Australia were able to provide Newmont Mining Corporation a fully customised Shelter solution for their Boddington Gold Mine.

With the need for a fit-for-purpose structure, Newmont knew they could trust DomeShelter Australia to provide a Shelter solution that would tick all the boxes.

Newmont Mining Corporation, founded in 1921 and based out of Colorado in the United States of America, is the world’s leading gold company. They also mine copper, silver, zinc and lead. Their world-class portfolio of assets, prospects and people stretch across North America, South America, Australia and Africa. They are the only gold company currently ranked in the S&P 500.

Located outside the rural farming town of Boddington, Western Australia, their Boddington Mine is one of the largest gold producing mines in Australia, producing around 703oz of gold per year.

Boddington Gold Mine DomeShelter Australia

Approaching a mine cutback that would require some infrastructure relocation, Newmont got in touch with DomeShelter Australia to upgrade one of the Fabric Shelters already at the mine site. Having a long, existing relationship with the DomeShelter Australia, they knew the DomeShelter team would be able to fulfil their requests promptly and professionally.

“Our relationship with DomeShelter Australia is quite long here on site… they were at the top of our list.”

Their requirement for this project was an upgrade to an existing Container Mounted Dome Shelter. The Newmont team wanted added protection from the elements, especially rain, to reduce loss of productivity in extreme weather events including lightening storms.

“Our relationship with DomeShelter [Australia] is quite long here on site, so when it came to [upgrading] our infrastructure they were basically on top of our list,” said Riaan Brink, Project Engineer: Execution Infrastructure at Newmont’s Boddington Mine, during a recent interview with the DomeShelter Australia team. “They came up with technical solutions, which was what we really needed in terms of executing this project”.

Boddington Gold Mine DomeShelter Australia Inside

Newmont requested a more enclosed and weatherproof Structure solution, as their older workshop structure was not effective in lightning events. “We had to resolve people working wet, otherwise we were losing production [time],” Riaan explained.

DomeShelter Australia were able to provide an industrial fabric structure with fully enclosed protective corrugated iron walls, that was designed, manufactured and transported to site within an extremely narrow timeframe. The Structure kit also included louvres, a guttering system, roller doors, internal electrical cable support and surrounding walkways. Providing a full package optimised the process for Newmont to have the workshop operational in the shortest possible time frame.

Boddington Gold Mine DomeShelter Australia

Riaan commended the structure, saying it very effectively protects their employees during storms. He also praised the ergonomic qualities of DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures, saying “The natural lighting inside [the Structure], the ambience it creates… benefits the people working around here and [creates a better] work environment.”

The corrugated iron façade also allowed the installation of three roller doors, to allow vehicles to enter the workshop while still keeping the Structure weatherproof. It also made for greater for fire safety, preventing the possibility of incidents involving welding equipment and sparks.

“The natural lighting inside the structure and the ambience benefits employees and creates a better work environment”

It was a “very quick and efficient installation,” Riaan reported. “The design itself [and] the structure [facilitated] the cable trays… when the structure came to site it was very straightforward and easy to install the cable trays and [complete] the electrical install”.

“If we look at the finished product around us, it’s of a good and high standard,” Riaan concluded. “We would recommend DomeShelter Australia on other sites. In fact, we are [working] with them for other projects ongoing.”

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