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Gage Roads Brewing Co

DomeShelter Australia’s Truss Shelter “ticks all the boxes” for Gage Roads at their Palmyra brewing facility.

With the need for extra storage and protection from the elements, Gage Roads Brewing Co. looked to DomeShelter Australia for a structure that was built to last and could protect their people and assets. Watch the video below to find out more.

Founded in 2005, Gage Roads Brewing Company is an Australian owned and independent craft brewery in Fremantle, Western Australia. They are the largest producer of beer in WA, with a production facility in Palmyra that runs 24 hours a day. Their range of craft beers and cider are inspired by the WA coast the laid-back Australian lifestyle.

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Image via PerthNow

Gage Roads required additional space at their Palmyra facility to serve multiple functions; foremost to shelter the large fermenters into which their beer is brewed, but also to act as an unloading bay for trucks coming in and out. They were after a solution that would grant this extra space while also protecting staff and stock from the elements.

“We had to move [the fermenters] outside to make room for some new packaging equipment”, explained Dirk Penny, Brewery Production Manager at the Palmyra site. “There’s some operations that the brewers need to undertake at the top of the tanks and outside around the tanks. We wanted to have weather cover [and] make it more safe and comfortable for them”. In addition to this, they wanted the “ability to store [incoming and outgoing stock] outside of the weather and load it onto trucks comfortably without it getting damaged.” 

DomeShelter Structure in construction

The DomeShelter Australia Truss Shelter at Gage Roads during construction

After finding DomeShelter Australia online and talking to our experienced team, they decided to invest in a DomeShelter Truss Structure with a custom guttering system to fulfil their requirements. The large structure, measuring 31.7m wide by 26.6m long, was designed, manufactured and installed in just a few months. 

DomeShelter [Australia] have been great,” Dirk said. “[The Shelter] looks like [it did] the day it was put in. It’s fantastic.” 

Fabric Shelter at Gage Roads Palmyra

He explained that he and his team had anxieties around engineering, fire safety and other structural elements, and that DomeShelter Australia’s excellent customer service team eased all of their concerns.

“Working with the team was good… overall a really positive experience”.

He also highlighted the ease of installation, aided by the DomeShelter Australia team, who took great care to assist during every step of the process to make sure it ran as smoothly as possibly.

“The Shelter looks like it did the day it was put in. It’s fantastic.”

Installation posed a challenge, he elaborated, since their Palmyra facility is so busy and is manned 24/7. “We had to [install the Shelter] in sections. The team DomeShelter Australia put us on to were very good about only bringing on site what we needed at the time… we erected it in [sections] at the end of every weekend. It was a monumental effort to put it up, it’s a large structure… but we got there in the end and it’s been really good.” 

 Shelter at Gage Roads Brewing Co

In summary, Dirk commended the Structure provided by DomeShelter Australia. “It ticks all the boxes, it’s great,” he said, “I’m constantly driving around [seeing] places that could do with a similar [solution]. I would absolutely recommend it.” 

“It was a monumental effort to put it up, it’s a large structure… but we got there in the end and it’s been really good.”

DomeShelter Australia’s Truss Shelters are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are Engineered to Protect™. Backed by DomeShelter Logic™, our unique design methodology, DomeShelter™ Structures are lighter, brighter and quieter than traditional steel shed alternatives, making for a safe and comfortable working environment in even the harshest weather conditions.  

If you would like to learn more about how a DomeShelter™ Structure could help solve your workplace needs, contact the team or visit Request a Quote today. 

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