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Mumblebone Stockyard Shelter

Mumblebone’s Post-Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure the “perfect solution” for a permanent on-site saleyard Shelter. 

A covered stockyard has considerable benefits for weather protection, livestock performance, workplace health and safety, and more. 

For New South Wales farmer Chad Taylor, finding a trustworthy livestock holding Shelter for ram sales was paramount. 

“We had a ram sale out in horrendous conditions, where a marquee blew down,” Chad recounts, “We realised we had to do something”. 

He made the decision to invest in a DomeShelter™ Structure instead of a steel shed or other alternative, and hasn’t looked back. Watch the video below to hear about how Mumblebone’s AgShelter® Salyard Cover has dramatically improved their on-site ram sales. 


A sixth-generation Merino Stud farmer, Chad has led Mumblebone to become well established as an industry leader in producing the highest quality Merino rams. Their mission is “to provide farmers with worlds best Merino genetics that significantly improves animal welfare, production & profitability”. They host ram sales on-site at their Wellington farm, with hundreds of attendees. 

Covering saleyards and stock holding pens is vital to protect livestock, workers and patrons from the elements, as well as reducing the potential for exposure to climactic variations which in turn reduces agitation and stress in animals. 

After the dangerous collapse of a marquee during a ram sale, Chad decided to seek a more permanent Shelter Solution.  

“We specifically chose the [AgShelter®] over a more traditional steel shed because it was about a third of the price,” says Chad. “DomeShelter™ has proved to be the perfect solution”.  

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Mumblebone first contacted DomeShelter Australia in 2017, and were supplied a 12m wide x 8m long AgShelter™ on 1.8m high posts. In the years since, the Shelter has been added to three times – two extensions were added, with joiner tarps, to eventually create a final 46m long AgShelter. A partial suspended Endwall was also added for extra weather protection.  

The unique modular design of Fabric Shelters means that changes can be made throughout the years, evolving to suit changing needs of worksites and businesses. 

“DomeShelter™ has proved to be the perfect solution”

One of the most significant benefits of a DomeShelter™ Structure is the compact kit size, making for easy transport to even the most remote locations, as well as straightforward and fast installation. 

“It was very easy to construct,” Chad explained. “We were very surprised when the Shelter turned up on a truck that had come from Western Australia in what looked to be a fairly small bundle of materials… keeps the efficiencies of transportation down, and I dare say part of the reason why it’s so cost-effective”. 

DomeShelter Australia’s flagship Armourtex® Fabric Tarp is a heavy-duty, Polyethylene Fabric specially developed to withstand even the harshest elements. All DomeShelter™ Structures come with a 20-year UV Tarp warranty. To extend the lifespan of Shelters, clients often replace their tarp every 15-20 years, depending on site conditions and wear-and-tear.  

“The [tarp was] very easy to slide over, and I dare say would be very easy to replace in time if needs be,” says Chad. 

AgShelter Sheep Stockyard Saleyard

A large benefit of choosing an AgShelter® over a more traditional structure is the improved work conditions underneath the DomeShelter™ Structure. The roof tarp is transluscent, allowing sunlight to pass through, which fills the Shelter with bright, even light. The tarp also absorbs sound waves, making for a more pleasant internal environment. 

“We’ve since found that the acoustics in [the Shelter] during a ram sale is a really soft acoustic, as opposed to an echoing noise in a shed,” Chad commented. 

Chad concluded by commending DomeShelter Australia’s customer service quality and professionalism. “Our experience with DomeShelter [Australia] has been wonderful, their communication is brilliant, from the design, working out what size [Shelter] we needed, right through to transportation, knowing when the truck would be leaving, where it is during the journey, estimated time of arrival, to seeing the truck turn up on time. It’s been a breeze”. 

“DomeShelter Australia has worked perfectly for our needs and I would absolutely recommend”. 

DomeShelter Australia manufactures Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Shelters for clients across a range of industries, with over 25 years experience in the Agricultural industry and a specially developed AgShelter® range to respond to client needs.  

If you would like to explore the potential configurations of our durable DomeShelter™ Structures, our free 3D design tool is available any time on our website.

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