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Fabric Structures can suffer from a negative reputation, with potential customers believing they are not sturdy. Questions about the materials used to manufacture these Shelters and how ‘fabric’ can properly withstand the elements can lead to confusion and speculation. 

Fabric Structures from reputable suppliers are manufactured using high quality materials, including durable industrial fabric tarp that can suit a range of rugged applications.  

At DomeShelter Australia, our Fabric Structures use our flagship Armourtex® Fabric Tarp, which was specially developed to withstand even the harshest conditions. 

Armourtex® Fabric Tarp 

The Fabric Covers used on all DomeShelter™ Structures is manufactured from rugged Armourtex® Polyethylene Fabric. This waterproof fabric has a heavy-duty double stacked scrim, for superior tensile, tear and burst strength.  

In line with our unique design methodology, DomeShelter™ Logic, our ultra-durable Armourtex® Fabric was developed ensuring compatibility with our strong steel framework; this maximises the longevity of our DomeShelter™ Structures and therefore offers a trusted solution that’s built to last. Our team refined the Tarp in partnership with our supplier, creating a unique, Fit-For-Purpose material that is tough as the elements. 

Our Armourtex® Fabric also features a metallocene blended master batch. This involves a complex chain of compound polymers, purpose engineered to enhance performance. 

Incorporating Metallocene technology has enhanced what was already a proven, durable fabric into a leader in its class. It means our Fabric Tarp offers improved abrasion resistance, weld strength, welding speed, flexibility, water repellency and puncture resistance. 

Our Armourtex® Fabric comes in three main variations; Armourtex® 300, Armourtex® 400 and Armourtex® 400FR. Each of these offers 100% wind block, are UV resistant and 100% water resistance, are manufactured using no harmful substances and PVC free, as well as being recyclable. 

Comparing Our Fabric Tarps 

  Armourtex® 300  Armourtex® 400  Armourtex® 400FR 
Construction (Denier)  3340 (3000D)  4600 (4140D)  4600 (4140D) 
Yarn (/sq. cm2)  8 x 8  8 x 8  8 x 8 
Weave Style  Double Stacked Scrim  Double Stacked Scrim  Double Stacked Scrim 


Coating Thickness  65 micron topside 

60 micron underside 

90 micron topside 

60 micron underside 

90 micron topside 

60 micron underside 

Total Thickness  0.55mm  0.62mm  0.65mm 
Total Weight (g/m2)  330  410  415 
Tensile Stregnth  2100 warp / 2857 weft  2530 warp / 2400 weft  2600 warp / 2400 weft 
Temperature  -30°C – +70°C  -30°C – +70°C  -30°C – +70°C 


R Values  0.821  0.866  0.866 
Fire Rated  No  No  Yes 
Warranty  7 Year UV  20 Year UV  20 Year UV 


Fire Rated Shelter Fabric 

Fire Retardant fabric is available for clients who require the extra protection. The treated Fabric self-extinguishes if exposed to a naked flame. This reduces fire spread, minimising damage where possible and helping to protect people and assets.  

The video below demonstrates how Armourtex® 400 FR performs when exposed to fire. 

Can I Get Different Coloured Shelter Tarp?

Our default Fabric Tarp colour is white, which generally suits most clients’ applications. White and white (Fabric that is white on both sides) provides a semi-translucent material which in turn provides benefits such as greater visibility inside the Structure, lower electricity usage and a more comfortable working environment.

We do have additional colour options available on request for clients who may require variation – green, silver and beige being the other options available. White with silver inside, for example, is utilised for clients who need to eliminate large amounts of natural light passing through the Tarp. Green is commonly used to help the Structure better blend into the surrounding natural environment in applications such as agriculture.

Other Fabric colours do generally come at a higher price, being a non-standard feature. Exact costing needs to be calculated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration other factors such as Shelter size.

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If you would like to enquire about a durable DomeShelter™ Structure, manufactured with our flagship Armourtex® Fabric Tarp, visit our Request a Quote page or pass on your details using our contact form, and a member of the team will be in touch.

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