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One of our most commonly asked questions of all time is whether or not we install the Shelters for our clients.  

In general, installation is not a standard inclusion in our Shelter Kits. Our modular DomeShelter™ Structures are designed and manufactured for ease of installation by our clients’ own teams, and simple-to-follow, job specific instructions are provided with each kit. With many of our structures going to remote locations, it provides best value to use existing site contractors who are already inducted rather than mobilising a crew to travel long distances for only 3 – 5 days work. 

For complex projects, experienced subcontractors can be coordinated by DomeShelter Australia and attached to the project to assist installation. In most cases, DomeShelter™ Structures can easily be installed by our clients’ own crews, even if it’s their first time installing. 

DomeShelter Australia’s Design Methodology

The DomeShelterTeam supports clients from design to manufacture and beyond, with full ISO compliance and proven DomeShelter™ Logic to ensure trusted and safe customised engineered solutions. 

DomeShelter™ Logic is our proven design methodology, applying over 25 years of experience to find the ultimate balance between every critical design element of a DomeShelter™ Structure. The result is a Structure that is Fit-For-Purpose, cost-effective, efficient to install and Engineered to Protect®.  

Part of DomeShelter™ Logic is ensuring every Structure is designed and manufactured for efficient installation, saving our clients time, money and hassle. Simple, logical connection detailing saves time and effort during installation. Every necessary piece is supplied with a DomeShelter™ Kit, packed neatly with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Our DomeShelter™ Kits are intelligently designed to have minimal pieces, especially in comparison to other companies, whose Shelters are often transported in many pieces, complicating the installation process. 

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Installation Options

DomeShelter Australia is the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial Fabric Shelters, for which we offer the following four installation options: 

1. Client Installation 

More than 90% of DomeShelter Kits are installed by our customers own teams or local contractors, following our step-by-step installation instruction guide and phone support if needed. This is the best value option, with no additional charge, and is often more efficient for clients. 

2. Supported Installation 

DomeShelter Australia provides the services of an experienced supervisor to support a local team on larger or custom projects on a day-rate basis, which provides peace of mind and less potential downtime. This comes at a small additional fee. 

3. Installation Team 

DomeShelter Australia partners with you to clearly define the scope of works which best suits your needs and offer our experienced installation supervisor and team to fulfill the agreed scope. This comes at a greater cost. 

Any requirement for council approvals/building licenses are the responsibility of the client. 

4. Turn-Key Installation 

We design and supply your DomeShelter™ Structure direct to you and/or co-ordinate with your preferred 3rd party Building Contractor to meet your contractual scope requirements.  

They take on the project from start to finish. This typically is the option for projects requiring building licenses and a more comprehensive scope e.g. civil works, foundations, electrical etc. This options comes at the greatest added cost. 

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How Many Steps Are Involved in Installation?

There are six main steps involved in our Fabric Shelter installation process: 

  1. Job Hazard Analysis and Safe Work Method Statement 
  2. Unpack and lay out components 
  3. Place and anchor containers (if included) 
  4. Assemble and install hoop sets, bracing and purlins 
  5. Lay out and prepare tarps 
  6. Install tarps 

What Equipment is Required?

A few key pieces of equipment is recommended for safe and efficient Shelter installation, including: 

  • Forklift 
  • Crane 
  • Boomlift/scissor lift 
  • Core drill (if required) 
  • Welder 
  • Fall prevention system 
  • Pulling vehicles or winching equipment 

Talk to a DomeShelter™ Expert

Most of our DomeShelter™ Structures are fully Fit-For-Purpose to suit each clients’ individual needs, therefore installation requirements and arrangements are often determined on a case-by-case basis. 

As stated above, DomeShelter Australia are happy to help clients with installation if they require that service, but many find the Shelters simple and easy to erect with their own teams. 

If in doubt, get in touch with a member of DomeShelter™’s friendly and experienced team and we can walk you through an installation option that will best suit your needs. 

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