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CSBP Fabric Structures

CSBP, a major Western Australian manufacturer of chemicals and fertiliser to mining and agricultural sector, required a large warehouse solution at their Kwinana manufacturing plant south of Perth.

Traditional Steel Sheds were too expensive

Traditional steel sheds were considered but were significantly higher in cost than the final solution of eleven DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures, mounted on standard sea containers. Each Shelter is 23W x 24.4L in size providing a total of over 6000m2 of storage space.


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Speed of Installation

Apart from the reduced cost, one of the key benefits of the container domes supplied by DomeShelter Australia was the speed of installation. Two weeks were allocated for placement of sea containers and addition of sand ballast into the containers, then in just three weeks, a team of three installers were able to erect all eleven Shelters and end wall systems.

Sand Ballast

The sand ballast came from stockpiles already on site and provided a neat solution to the tie-down requirements of the containers. There was no need for ground-disturbing footings, as would be the case for steel sheds, and sand was freely available from current stockpiles, alleviating the cost of clearing it off-site.

CSBP Fabric Structures 2

Wind Considerations

The CSBP site is on a coastal strip, subject to strong winds at times. Special attention needed to be made to the large doors on each Shelter to ensure they were safe to open in these windy conditions. Barn style doors were chosen with special louvres that allowed for airflow but maintained internal waterproofing.

Shelter Function

The Container Shelters provide essential dry storage for goods in transit, both in and out. Manufactured goods are stored ready for shipping and the shelters also provide a staging post for imported goods going into the plant.

CSBP Fabric Structure 3

DomeShelter Australia

All the Shelters were manufactured off-site at DomeShelterTM facilities and trucked to site ready for immediate install.

Most DomeShelterTM clients choose to do their own installation following instructions provided, but in this case CSBP elected to have a specialist team from DomeShelter Australia do the job. They ended up with eleven Dome  Shelters, specially designed and engineered to the specific wind conditions of the site and interconnected with guttering and lighting. They are strong, durable and guaranteed for up to 10 years by DomeShelter Australia.

CSBP: In Summary

CSBP chose DomeShelter Australia for their warehouse solution due to the significant cost benefits over a steel shed for this site, the speed with which the container domes could be fabricated off-site and the ease and speed of installation, resulting in less site disruption. The DomeShelterTM Fabric Structures provide a large-scale warehouse solution that is elegant, durable, weatherproof and good looking too.

DomeShelterTM Fabric Structures are highly regarded by some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies for warehousing and workshops. They are used extensively on mine sites in some of the remotest and harshest environments in Australia and also shipped to over 30 countries around the world, for mining, oil & gas, port and logistical operations and industrial applications.

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