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shipping container sheds

A search of “Shipping Container Shed” on Google, reveals a vast number of various shaped and sized “sheds” utilising standard sea containers in some form or another. The common link for all is their use of sea containers to create a “shed”. Either a single container is used or two containers are placed parallel to each other with a roof between.

What is a Shipping Container Shed?

In its most basic form, a Shipping Container Shed consists of a converted sea container with doors and windows built-in, possibly with electrical cabling installed for lights and power and workbenches or even bedding depending on the user’s needs.

Progressing on, the next step is to utilise two containers as sidewalls and erect a roof between them to provide a span free workspace between the containers whilst also utilising the containers for workshops or secure storage or office area.

container shed for helicopter - DomeShelter Australia

Shipping Container Sheds: the key features 

At DomeShelter Australia, engineers and designers have taken the concept of a roof between two shipping containers one step further by installing an arched fabric roof structure covered with heavy-duty vinyl. They have truly modernised the old concept and created a disruptive model that has become the workshop and warehouse shelter of choice by some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies.

Roof Structure

The arched roof and strong, durable vinyl covering are supplied in pre-made modules that are delivered to site anywhere in the world in kit form.  Once onsite, the roof structure can be easily installed by securing to the sea containers which are placed parallel at the necessary width apart.


The genius is in the simplicity and the functionality that can see these shipping container sheds adapt to just about any size for use on remote sites for workshops, warehouses or just about anything that requires shade or shelter for protection from the weather.

Length, width and height are all variable and not limited to the sea container dimensions.

Height is achieved by varying the arch height and stacking containers one, two or three high. This way even the highest and largest equipment can, generally, be worked on under the arch.

Length can be varied by utilising the two standard length containers of 6 and 12 metres and joining them end to end to achieve any length required. In some cases, up to 100 metres or more can be achieved for warehousing.

Multiple modules can be built side-by-side with a container as a common wall with interconnecting access for workshop space

The DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shed is a truly innovative concept that has been proven in the harshest environments, including high cyclone areas. The strength of the shelter is achieved by the arched roof structure and by securing the containers with tie-downs or in some cases heavy ballast. As a result, the product supplied by DomeShelter Australia can be guaranteed for up to 10 years in cyclone rated areas.

Grupo Prodeco Fabric Structure

Custom add on features for your Shipping Container Shed

DomeShelter Australia also provides additional custom add-ons that turn them into highly functional shelter and storage solutions for your business to cater to almost any situation.

These features include:

  • End Walls – partial and full end walls can be provided
  • Doors – for both personal and large equipment access
  • LED Floodlights and High Bay Lights
  • Portable, quick deployment flooring 
  • Signage & Branding
  • Gutters & Water Management


Protect your people and valuable assets with DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shed

The DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shed has been supplied by DomeShelter Australia for nearly 25 years to some of the remotest parts of Australia and exported to 30 countries. It is proven tough and durable even in the harshest environments and has stood the test of time to ensure it’s increasing use as an alternative to the traditional steel shed

Once you become aware of them, you will see the smaller versions on industrial and commercial sites throughout metropolitan areas. The really big ones are typically found on mine sites to cater for their large equipment.

Advantages over Steel Sheds

Our Fabric Structures are pre-built to either standard or custom size and packed into kit form for transport to site. Once on-site they can be assembled generally by clients’ teams following comprehensive instructions provided. It is this ability to transport to site and install with ease that sets the Fabric Structure apart from heavy and hard to erect steel sheds.

Also, the Fabric Structures can be dismantled and moved across site to cater for changing work needs or even packed down again into kit form for storage until the next project.

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