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shipping container shed

Australia is prone to harsh weather, especially the scorching heat of summer. For people working in industrial companies, the scorching heat can cause significant damage to their heavy machinery and equipment. In some industries, the work site may be situated far from the headquarters. Not only does this make storing valuable items challenging, but accommodation also becomes troublesome. That’s why a Shipping Container Shed is proving so popular.

One of the most effective shields against the sun’s radiation is a Shipping Container Shed. This dome structure is a popular storage option for many industries. It is an economical but highly robust shelter that can be customised; it is durable and easy to install and maintain. By using DomeShelter™ Container Mounted Structures (CMDS), you can maximise your workplace’s storage space.

Quick to Install

Although you may want to resort to traditional building methods to create shelters for your worksite, there are many advantages to choosing our CMDS. For one, traditional building construction takes time, but CMDS use pre-fabricated components such as shipping containers and galvanised steel to speed up the installation process.


Industrial companies have varying needs regarding storage and shelter specifications. Fortunately, our CMDS can be customised so no matter what your storage or shelter specifications are, we can advise you on the most suitable size and best location for your CMDS. The are also easily relocated due to the the ease with which they can be installed.

If you have a large workplace, you can order a double or triple CMDS to maximise your storage and shelter options. We can even connect several shipping containers to form a larger structure that can further enhance your working space.

Our CMDS is easily installed in any space your company needs such as a storage area, workshop or service centre. Embellishments such as endwalls, shelving and LED lighting, can be added as based on your needs.


Your CMDS will be exposed to many elements such as the harsh heat of the sun and strong winds. White vinyl covers are used for the shelter’s roof reducing the heat that penetrates through the fabric protecting your heavy machinery and equipment from the heat.

Easy Relocation

Besides its durability, our CMDS is capable of easy relocation. Industrial companies, especially the mining industry usually move their dome shelters from one area to another. In these cases, a CMDS is a sensible investment, since it can be dismantled and moved to a new location with minimal fuss.

DomeShelter Australia offers a wide assortment of vinyl shelter solutions for a diverse market. We offer  CMDS of various widths and different heights.  There’ll be no difficulties storing even large or very tall vehicles or equipment.

For any inquiries about our CMDS, call 08 9690 1100 or send us a message through our contact page. 

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