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Container Mounted

From little things big things grow. DomeShelter Australia emerged from a small canvas business over 30 years ago and has grown to become what we can confidently proclaim to be the worlds most experienced supplier of a Container Mounted Fabric Structure. Three decades ago, the arched roof structure with fabric cover mounted on sea container you see today did not exist.

In the past 20 years, we have designed and manufactured over 5500 Genuine DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures. These have been delivered to some of the remotest parts of Australia and exported to more than 20 countries.

Meeting Client Needs

Like most successful growth stories, the idea started with a client need. Our client not only required a canvas to cover a large area, but also a steel framework to mount it on. Therein was born the Fabric Roof Structure, in early days mounted on steel posts (which is still an option today). That client has since purchased over 50 genuine DomeShelter™ Structures.

Constant Innovation

The original product has been developed considerably. Constant innovation, new design and testing, which still continues to this day, means what you see today is a far cry from the early product. The DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelter is engineered to be tough, durable and easy to install. It can be built to withstand cyclonic winds, as well as the harsh UV of Australia’s outback sun over years of exposure, and it looks good too.

Manufactured In Western Australia

Every DomeShelter™ Fabric Structure is very conveniently fabricated in our Western Australian workshops. It is then packed down to a kit with all components required for easy installation. Transportation to site is via sea container in the case of export or trucked to site in Australia.

Once on-site, it typically takes from as little as two hours or up to a couple of days for client’s own teams to install following comprehensive instructions provided. Installation time, depends on size and complexity, but the principle of the client’s own installers managing the task lowers the total overall costs and time taken to have the shelter up and functional.

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