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I’ve worked in the Goldfields for the last 20 years as a carpenter, working on construction sites, mine sites and commercial stuff, you know it’s civil construction, domestic construction, residential, commercial, and the most fun bit’s the big domes, cause we get to play with a big sale.

When we deal with a product like the DomeShelter product, we know that everything we need’s going to be on-site when it turns up, we don’t have to take spare gear, and we go out, we can go to a remote site to finish the product.

The competitor’s stuff, if you try and put it up, you can go out, you can take everything you could possibly think of and fill an entire truck and there’ll always be something that’s not quite right or needs modifying.

You’ve got something that is 100% engineered and it’s going to stand up, compared to something that looks alright for the moment and you hope that the first gust of wind that really hits it doesn’t, you know. There is a massive difference and the biggest thing is with the accuracy of the product.

We don’t even want to be involved with the competitor’s product anymore, the biggest difference, when you get a DomeShelter Shelter rock up to site, it’s wrapped up that well you know that it’s not damaged. You can pull a tarp out and you know it’s not gonna be torn. With the back-up that we get from DomeShelter, we actually look professional.

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