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What happens when ordering a Fabric Structure from DomeShelter Australia. As you’d expect there is a well-oiled team who swing into action to play their role in delivering a high quality, highly engineered and fit for purpose shelter solution.

The whole process can be broken into three stages;

Stage 1 – Proposal & Purchasing

Your initial enquiry to will go to a highly skilled team of sales consultants whose job it is to work with you to ascertain your needs and create a design solution that meets those needs.

In some instances, it will be an off-the -shelf standard design shelter that is a stock item and can be delivered to site within days of order. In other circumstances, the sales consultants will liaise with the in-house drafting and design team and engineers to come up with a customised solution.

Stage 2 – Production

Once your order is placed, it goes into production with both the steel fabrication and the tarping divisions, both independent but highly integrated in terms of delivering the order in full and on time.

The Fabric Cover is measured, cut and stitched together, then packed and sent to marry with the steel arched shelter structure. This structure is cleverly designed to be packed down into kit form with the fabric cover and all other parts such as bolts necessary for on-site installation. The kit is then packed onto a truck for local delivery or into a sea container for export.

All production is quality certified to international standards

Stage 3 – Placement

Once on-site, all the Fabric Structure components are assembled by an on-site team following easy to follow instructions provided in both hard copy and electronic version. Or if required a DomeShelter™ specialist installation team can be utilised for this.

The whole DomeShelter™ Team work with continual feedback from clients to be sure every job is delivered to their complete satisfaction. Whether it is a workshop, warehouse, materials storage, aircraft hangar, staff amenity or any number of uses Fabric Structures are used for, the DomeShelter™ Team is proud of a DIFOT (Delivered in Full and on Time) of close to 100%.

Contact DomeShelter Australia to find out about ordering a Fabric Structure.

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