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Fabric Structures over Steel Buildings

In the midst of an increasingly digital space, where human interactions and considerations have the potential to get lost in the mix, it’s easy to forget that customers are the heartbeat of our company and their feedback and acknowledgement of our work keep us evolving and improving. I’d like to share our experience of delivering fit for purpose fabric shelters to our customers.

The DomeShelter™ Way

Our challenge in an increasingly competitive marketplace is being memorable. We have adopted the “DomeShelter™ Way” a way of standing out from the crowd and winning over customers by ensuring a top-notch, personal experience from start to finish.

Fabric Shelters Now Mainstream

I’m excited to be working for DomeShelter Australia at a time when Container Mounted Fabric Shelters also known as Shipping Container Sheds are becoming the norm rather than the exception in the mining industry. The hard years of educating the market have been done and now our Fabric Shelters, have become well accepted as a mainstream workshop, warehouse and storage options from metropolitan industrial sites to the remotest mining environments worldwide.

Personalised Customer Service

At DomeShelter Australia we have made a conscious effort to make the customer experience as personalised as possible and keep our standards high, taking great pride in striving to be the best.

First, we start by listening to what’s important to you, what problems we can solve for you and how quickly you would like that to happen along with the option to design or customise.

Our solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured using the most advanced technology and high-quality materials.

Once we understand your needs for fit for purpose fabric shelters we immediately work with our estimating and concept team to bring it all to life and produce a solution in line with your budget. We work hard to turn this all around in real time at an average of 4 to 24 hrs, minimizing our response times to maximize your customer experience.


Our team accomplishes this by working in a mutually supportive environment, from sales, to estimating, drafting and engineering right throughout production and dispatch our goal is to ensure the customer journey is as easy as pie and your requirements are given individual attention.

We send out surveys post delivery/installation and ensure as a team we read and hear customer feedback. We take it to heart. Take it personally.

At Domeshelter Australia we strive to be the change our customers want to see in the world.

written by Tamara Urudu – Sales Manager, DomeShelter Australia

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