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Container Shelter 1

In this article we look at the common uses of Fabric Structures. In the past 20 years with the amazing advances in fabric technology Fabric Shelters have become increasingly popular for a wide range of reasons. Not the least of these is the ease with which they can be transported to site and installed quickly and easily, and then just as easily dismantled and shifted to meet changing work conditions.

The resultant boom in popularity has led to a range of common uses and sometimes not so common uses. Essentially, if shade and shelter is required on a short to medium term basis, a Fabric Structure can most often be the best option, as opposed to a steel shed alternative.

Fabric Structures are commonly found on mining and industrial sites fulfilling the following roles

1. Light Equipment and General Workshop

Equipment Workshop Goldfields WA 2

Smaller shelters ranging from 6 -10 metres wide and stacked on a single sea container either with no or just one end wall serve a useful function as a small equipment workshop.

2. Large Equipment and General Workshop

Fabric Structure Building

Increasing the height and width of the shelter enables increasingly large equipment to be catered for. By stacking the container mounts up to three high and increasing the arch height, some very large equipment can be accommodated for servicing and garaging.

3. Warehouse

SunMetals Warehouse

Large span free storage space can be created by simply extending the length of the Fabric Structure to as long as required. One hundred metres long and more would not be out of the question. By installing end walls on both ends with large equipment access doors, a fully sealed and secure storage area can be created.

4. Storage

Penrice quarry 3

Fabric Structures mounted on sea containers or in some cases cement walls create excellent dry areas for materials storage. Open ended access allows for specialised front-end loading equipment.

5. Aircraft Hangar

Orphir Energy Heliport Tanzania

Fabric Structures have been known to provide the ideal space for helicopter and small aircraft hangar especially in cases where companies have remote contracts to fulfil. Mounted on sea containers which can be converted to office and passenger waiting rooms.

6. Staff Amenities

Staff Assembly area Darwin 1

The fabric structure provides a lighter, brighter and quieter environment to work and congregate under in hot and harsh conditions.

Other Uses

Other common uses of fabric structures include Tyre Change Bays, Refuelling Bays, Pallet storage. Basically, if it requires shade and shelter, a Fabric Structure is worth considering

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