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9 things to consider when buying a Fabric Structure

In twenty years of supplying Fabric Structures to mining and industrial sites around the world, a consistent theme is evident in our client’s requirements. We’ve gone through the communication of past orders to ascertain what our clients are generally looking for and have found 9 things to consider when buying a Fabric Structure. The team at DomeShelter Australia are committed to provide a shelter solution that meets all these client needs.

Everyone has specific needs, but overall, they can be summarised as follows:

1. High quality and quality control

Whilst high quality and quality control are not one and the same, they are linked by our company’s commitment to quality and our clients’ requirement for Quality Assurance to be deeply embedded in our processes and culture.

2. Durable

Clients want assurance that their Fabric Building will withstand the rigours of the harsh environment they are often located in. They need to know that the Structure will stand the test of time for the duration of their project and beyond.

3. Cyclone rated

Whether the Shelter is to be located in a low risk cyclone region (A) or the highest risk area (D), clients want assurance that their Shelter will be engineered to the standard required for their wind region. Our design and engineering team are experts at designing to meet the standards for the highest cyclonic wind regions.

4. Fit for purpose

There are many ways to configure a Fabric Building, including the height, width and length, the mounting system used, (sea containers or post mounted), end walls, large equipment access and or personal access doors. The goal is always to provide a Shelter Solution that is fit for purpose, whether that be a small or large equipment workshop, a warehouse, fuel and tyre depot, aviation hangar or the myriad of other uses that Fabric Shelters are renowned for.

5. On-Time delivery

One of the key benefits of a standard sized Fabric Shelter System is the speed with which it can be dispatched and delivered to site. Many clients require urgent delivery, something that cannot be achieved with a traditional steel building. The DomeShelter Australia team tracks our DIFOT (delivered in full and on time) rate, and it currently sits close to 100%.

6. Easy Installation

DomeShelter Australia Shelters are specifically designed to be easily installed by clients’ own teams, using easy to follow installation instructions provided. It is also important that all parts required for installation are always supplied, with no mistakes, as once installation starts it is costly and time consuming to delay. We regularly survey clients to check installation was to their satisfaction and instructions were easy to follow.

7. Relocatable

A prime consideration for installing a Fabric Structure is the ability to dismantle it and move across or off-site to cater to changing work conditions. It is not uncommon for a DomeShelter™ Structure to be relocated 6-8 times.

8. Safety

Safety is absolutely paramount to all companies purchasing a Fabric Shelter. They can’t afford to have accidents in any part of the supply and installation, relocation or during the lifetime of the Shelter. They need assurance that it will perform in all wind conditions and under the harsh sun for the lifetime of the project and beyond. DomeShelter Australia’s warranty of up to 10 years, our Quality Assurance certifications, and high attention to design and build and historical track record provides that assurance.

9. Customer Service

Over-riding all these somewhat technical needs is also the need for high-level customer service. Customers want to know that we are available every step of the way to support them and that we are easily contactable in any event. Customer Service surveys of clients post purchase consistently commend the DomeShelter Australia team for their support.

Contact DomeShelter Australia for more information and to discuss the 9 things to consider when buying a Fabric Structure.

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