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rain wet weather protection fabric shelter

Extreme conditions this winter have highlighted the need for reliable wet weather protection, to ensure worksites and assets can withstand heavy rain and wild conditions.

The cold front and low-pressure system that has been sweeping the nation, bringing widespread rain and intense storms, is expected to linger according to the Bureau of Meteorology. More than a dozen flood warnings have been issued for New South Wales and Victoria in anticipation of a resurgence of wild weather in the coming days, and Queenslanders have been warned to expect up to six more months of rainy conditions. 

This comes as Western Australia braces for two extreme cold fronts forecast to sweep across the lower half of the state over the next few weeks. 

The Bureau reports that this extreme weather is the result of a ‘negative Indian Ocean dipole’ event that is currently underway. Negative Indian Ocean dipole conditions tend to see increased rainfall across Australia.  

Additionally, these events tend to see rainfall at its strongest in the months of September-October, meaning Australians, especially those on the East Coast, will see a higher likelihood of extreme rain events occurring well into spring. 

What Does Heavy Rainfall Mean for Companies Across Australia?

Rain is usually a good thing – farmers in particular love it, and it is a comforting protection against the other, devastating extreme of drought. But, this year’s rain has been record and unprecedented. This has left many Australian companies unprepared for the constant wet conditions, which can: 

  • Disrupt work efficiency,  
  • Damage equipment and machinery 
  • Damage Stock and Raw Materials 
  • Compromise the safety of employees 
  • Significantly increase downtime, sick leave and absences 

All resulting in huge monetary losses. 

quick waterproof structure shelter

Quick Solutions for Wet Weather Protection: DomeShelter Australia

While there are no 5-minute solutions to wild weather, Fabric Shelters are an efficient, cost-effective option for protection against the elements, that can be erected quickly in anticipation of harsh weather on the horizon. Unlike traditional steel structures, council approval and intensive hold-down requirements are not always necessary; structures do not require independent contractors for construction and can be put together easily by the client’s own team in a matter of days. 

With a range of pre-engineered standard sized Structures available and usually able to be purchased off-the-shelf, you can have a durable Fabric Structure from DomeShelter Australia delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks* 

Specific requirements that need a design engineer to tailor to your needs will require more time, however like the two Fabric Shelters we completed for Sunmetals, Queensland in 8 weeks, we work hard to get your solution to you as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.  

DomeShelter Australia’s quality Shelter Solutions are manufactured to the most stringent Australian standards and are fully engineered to withstand wind speeds up to Australian Wind Region D – Cyclonic speeds of 316 km/h. Fully framed End Walls are available for further weatherproofing, enclosing one or both ends of the structure for a watertight finish. Guttering systems can be included with Shelter Kits for optimal water management. 

Transported to site in kit form, DomeShelter™ Structures can be dismantled and relocated to respond to changing workplace needs. They are a weatherproof, ergonomic and trusted way to protect your people and assets. 

Design your own shelter for free or get in touch and protect yourself against the unrelenting rain and wild weather with a Genuine DomeShelter™ Solution that is Tough as the Elements™! 

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