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A huge component of project management is ensuring your schedule is on track, goods are delivered when promised, and everything is on time. These days, delivery dates and lead times are often a major source of frustration; everything seems to take longer than they used to, often due to stock shortages, lack of labor, shipping disruptions, and the list continues.

You’re probably wondering if we can give you a lead time on a Shelter, and whether you can actually trust that number?

The short answer is yes.

Delivered in Full, On Time

DIFOT‘ is an important pillar of our systems and practices here at DomeShelter Australia; an acronym standing for ‘Delivered in Full on Time’, it measures our success in ensuring clients receive their orders on or before their scheduled delivery date. 

We understand the importance of getting projects completed on time and reducing delays. The inability to do so can be costly and negatively impact all areas of business. Doing our part to remain diligent and ensure we have a track record of time-effective project delivery is an important part of our customer-first mindset. 

The DomeShelter™ Promise 

Our focus at DomeShelter Australia is on giving value to our customers. We know our clients want a supplier with an understanding of their needs who they can have confidence in; this is why we use a proven methodology they can trust. 

When you invest in a DomeShelter™ Solution, it is not just a transaction – most importantly you are buying peace of mind. 

Talison Lithium Greenbushes Container Heavy Vehicle Shelter

Understanding Customer Needs 

We understand our customers’ needs and expectations – many clients we deal with are project managers involved with high-stakes, large-scale projects. Remaining on schedule, minimising disruptions and downtime and maintaining quick turnaround times is vital. 

Customer satisfaction is central to maintaining the outstanding level of service DomeShelter Australia prides itself on. We want to show our customers that we do what we say we will; we don’t just make promises, we follow through. Reliability is an integral part of providing a service clients can trust. 

Measuring DIFOT 

We closely measure and analyse our ‘DIFOT’ success rate as part of our internal management systems. Our rate of orders ‘Delivered In Full On Time’ consistently tracks above 90%, and we are continuously thinking of ways to improve our systems and processes.  

We not only measure DIFOT in terms of product delivery times, but also in relation to all other processes involved with a DomeShelter™ Structure purchase, from quoting to drafting and manufacturing. A culture of continual improvement leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

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