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It can be hard to judge whether a product or service is right for you – conflicting voices and a saturated market can quickly become overwhelming for would-be customers.  

Management expert and business consultant Ken Blanchard once wrote that feedback is the breakfast of champions; at DomeShelter Australia we value honest reviews from our customers, as a key part of our culture of continual improvement. 

What is a DomeShelter Structure? 

A DomeShelter™ Structure is a shelter or building constructed using a durable, high-tensile Fabric Tarp stretched over a curved steel frame. The roof frame is then mounted on a substructure to form the walls of the Structure. 

Fabric Shelters – sometimes called Container Shelters or Container Domes – are a modern, versatile solution that can suit a range of purposes at various worksites.  

DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures can be designed to be fully Fit-For-Purpose to suit every client’s individual needs. The most common mounting options for DomeShelter™ Structures are sea containers and steel posts, but other options are available on request. 

DomeShelter reviews

DomeShelter Australia Reviews 

Six key ideas tend to be brought up in feedback we receive from customers. These are listed and discussed below, to give an idea of what comes to mind when our clients think ‘DomeShelter Australia’. 

1. Customer-Focused and Partnership Driven 

“You almost become a partner with them, very good at what they do, very professional, good quality, go out of their way to make sure you [receive your order] on time.” 

“They helped me choose the right item, good quality with quick email responses.” 

Build trust is one of our core values as a company, and relationships are at the centre of what we do. We strive to work closely with every single client every day, to bring equal value to all our projects. 

2. Responsive  

“75% of requests were done within the same day – that is a differentiator in the market.” 

“From initial inquiry to having the Shelter installed was just over 6 weeks” 

We know many of our clients are time-poor with short deadlines, and when they need something they likely need it ‘now’. We focus on helping customers get their solution and fast, saving time & effort. 

3. Professional & Knowledgeable 

“Out of anyone we’ve used for anything they were probably the most professional set up we have come across, they were really good in every aspect. They were all over everything… certainly wasn’t expected.” 

“Well oiled machine/team: Professional, safety conscious, polite and fully informative.” 

The DomeShelter™ Customer Journey is far more than handing you a packet off the shelf. We spend time understanding every clients’ needs, so they receive an experience and a solution that is fully Fit-For-Purpose. Over 100 years of collective experience has contributed to our unique methodology, known as DomeShelter™ Logic, that ensures our team is continually aware of clients’ needs. 

4. Quality Product 

“The deterioration over time to weather [for a Shelter on-site for 9+ years] is virtually nonexistent.” 

“We’ve purchased x15 DomeShelters in the past 12 months and DomeShelter Australia have never let us down.” 

We know the importance of balancing cost-effectiveness with a product that is manufactured to stand the test of time. Constructed using high-quality steel and durable, tear-resistant fabric tarp. Certified to ISO9001, ISO45001 and more, we live our mottos Engineered to Protect® and Tough as the Elements®. 

5. Proactive 

“A transport company gave us no end of grief on one particular delivery but that was all sorted by DomeShelter Australia, even though they probably didn’t need to do [that] themselves.” 

“I had a great experience dealing with the team… communication is super easy and everyone responds very quickly. I had to make quite a few design changes throughout the project, which was a painless and quick process.” 

Our team goes out of their way to solve problems to make the process of acquiring a DomeShelter™ Structure as seamless and easy as possible, from start to finish. 

6. Strong Communicators 

“The correspondence from DSA was very good. Quotes were quickly updated and response time on emails [was] very good. All in all, we had a positive experience.” 

“The team are knowledgeable, respond quickly and are just easy to deal with people.” 

Part of our commitment to going further together is ensuring our clients are always informed about their projects and any updates are communicated promptly and succinctly. 

post mounted fabric farm structure

Next Steps 

If you’re interested in a DomeShelter™ Structure, you can send a message directly to the team using our Contact page. If you’d like to learn more about our products before reaching out, you can find more articles, case studies and more in our learning centre. 

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