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DomeShelter Truss Structure Tyre Change Bay

What is a Tyre Bay? 

Tyre Bays are critical infrastructure generally found on sites where heavy machinery operates – They are the hub where the tyres for heavy machinery are maintained and changed when required. Maintenance and wear and tear of capital equipment costs companies millions of dollars every single year. Providing a Sheltered, dedicated Hub/Structure for maintenance to be performed under offers multiple benefits including: 

  • Heavily reduced downtime caused by weather or related disruptions 
  • Increased efficiency with immediate accessibility to all the relevant tools, optimised workshop processes and traffic flows
  • Decreased wear and tear as assets are protected from the harmful effects of the elements 

How do Tyre Bays differ from other Structures? 

DomeShelter Australia has provided countless Fabric Structures used as Tyre Bays on mine sites within Australia and globally. These structures are generally Truss Structures, but not always. A Truss Structure is often ideal due to the sheer footprint these Structures require to effectively accommodate large machinery, such as CAT797 dump trucks.  

Tyre Bays provided by DomeShelter Australia are accessible from three or four sides for ease of work; the vehicle is thus able to pull in via one opening, and tyre handlers are then able to access the vehicle’s tyres from either side, unrestricted.  

Containers can also be incorporated into the design of the Tyre Bay, for use as storage for the necessary tooling, office space or both. 

There are a range of advantages when choosing a DomeShelter™ Tyre Bay: 

  • Adaptability and configuration flexibility: DomeShelter™ Structures are easily customisable, designed specifically for each individual project to ensure they are Fit-For-Purpose. We have provided past clients with Tyre Bays that are Truss or Container Mounted, of a varying range of sizes and container configurations, double bay or single. A DomeShelter™ Consultant will work with you to ensure every need is met, providing you with a Structure that is unique to your individual project. 
  • Quick deployment: Steel buildings can have extended lead times, coupled with long and complex installations. Fabric buildings have the advantage of quick turnaround speeds, often designed, manufactured and shipped within a matter of weeks. Installation is simple, often completed by the client’s own crew with the help of easy-to-follow instructions. 
  • Temporary and moveable: Depending on the footings used, a DomeShelter™ Structure can be entirely portable with almost no impact on the environment.  

Examples of DomeShelter™ Tyre Bays

Select examples of the dozens of tyre bays DomeShelter Australia has provided to worksites in the past can be found below. 

christmas creek large tyre change bay

large truss structure mine tyre change bay

The above custom Truss DomeShelter™ Structure, measuring 22m wide by 30m long, was designed for use as a twin-bay Tyre Change Bay at Fortescue Metals Group’s Christmas Creek mine site

wide tyre change bay solomon mine

Another custom Truss DomeShelter™ Structure for use as a Tyre Change Bay provided to FMG, this one for their Solomon iron ore mine. This structure is 25m wide, 15m long and 9.6m high, allowing ample vehicle access for the largest mining machinery. 

tyre bay 4 extension hill

A large Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure with side access at the Extension Hill mine site, measuring 17m High by 18.3m Long. The containers are double-stacked for added height, the ground-level containers fitted as office and storage space for additional versatility.

container dome shelter tyre change bay

tyre bay iron bridge 2

A recently completed project at FMG’s Iron Bridge mine site was the above Heavy Vehicle Tyre Change Bay. The Truss Structure measures 26m wide, 20.8m long and 11.4m high and features two large openings on three sides to allow easy access for vehicles. A painted concrete floor indicates where vehicles should stop for tyre maintenance. The rear wall of the Structure is fully enclosed with a container supported partial End Wall, the container modified to provide storage and office space. 

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