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Port Hedland Container Dome Shelter North West Quarries

North West Quarries’ set of modular DomeShelter™ Structures give them full confidence, even during cyclonic events. 

North West Quarries run the largest quarry in the Port Hedland area, offering a complete range of services that encompass mining, quarrying, rock production and supply of all quarry products. 

The first DomeShelter™ Structure they invested in was a standard 12m wide by 12.2m long Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structure, for use as a Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Workshop. 

Later, another 12m wide by 12.2m long Shelter, and a smaller 12m wide by 6.05m long Shelter, were acquired as business needs expanded. 

Port Hedland Container Dome Shelter North West Quarries

These Shelters are all part of DomeShelter Australia’s Standard Range – cost-effective, fast-turnaround solutions, designed and manufactured to incorporate our most commonly sold sizes and pre-engineered for Wind Regions A to D. These Shelters are perfect for clients who require a fast, simple solution to suit basic needs. 

Watch the video below to hear about how investing in DomeShelter Australia’s Standard Solutions was the hassle-free, trustworthy choice for the North West Quarries team. 


Craig Bridgman spoke about the longevity of their DomeShelter™ Structures, enhanced by their modular design and ease of relocation. 

“They’re getting close to 15, 20 years old,” he explained, “so we’ve had them at a number of our sites. They’re very modular and not tied down to one site, for example if we end up moving… we can take the DomeShelter™ [Structures with us]”. 

“They’re continually adaptable with your business and can suit your needs wherever you are”. 

Located in Port Hedland in Australia’s North West, a solution that could withstand Australia’s harshest climate conditions was a must. All DomeShelter™ Structures are fully engineered to AS1170.2: Wind Actions, able to withstand up to Wind Region D: Cyclonic wind speeds.  

Port Hedland Container Dome Shelter North West Quarries

“For us [engineering] is the main thing,” Craig explained. “We don’t have to take them down during cyclones… we can be confident that they’re going to stand up, and that reduces the amount of extra labour that we have to put into maintaining them”. 

Craig praised the quality of product and service from DomeShelter Australia.  

“They’re probably the leaders in the industry for customer service and product durability,” he said. “They’re very happy to go through all the options with you… they want to make sure they supply the right product for your needs”. 

If you would like to explore the potential configurations of our durable DomeShelter™ Structures, a free 3D design tool is available any time on our website. 

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