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DomeShelter Australia Fabric Structure

The Shelters we offer at DomeShelter Australia fall into two broad categories: We have our Standard range, and we also design and manufacture custom solutions for clients with more specific needs. 

Some clients can be confused about the difference between the two, and which they should enquire about for their project. This article walks through the standard range we offer at DomeShelter Australia, and the reasons why our clients may choose a custom Shelter over a standard or vice versa. 

Our Standard Range

We offer a large range of Standard Size Fabric Shelters, to suit a variety of needs. 

Our smallest Shelters measure 6x6m. Our Standard Range goes up to 30m width. These Shelters have been designed and manufactured to incorporate our most commonly sold sizes, as well as offering the most economic and practical solution possible by optimising the use of materials.  

Since these Shelters are standardised, they have been pre-engineered for all wind regions, often reducing their lead times significantly. We often have our smaller range of Standard Shelters – from 6m to 15m width – in stock and ready for dispatch.  

Purchasing from our Standard Range is perfect for clients who require a fast, simple and cost-effective Shelter option to suit basic needs.  

Our Standard Size range can be viewed in the charts below. These Shelters are designed to suit either 20ft or 40ft sea containers.  

standard size fabric shelter

standard size container dome

Custom Fabric Shelters

DomeShelter Australia has a team of in-house engineers, and we are well experienced in designing and manufacturing fully engineered Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Shelters.  

Our Standard Range may not suit every customer’s specific needs. Either due to size requirements, or the need for specific features that are not offered with a Standard Shelter, we often supply fully customised solutions to suit client’s needs.  

Our past Custom Shelters have included different mounting options, insulation, cladding, and the list continues. Fit-for-purpose Shelters have a longer lead time, which is necessary to ensure we are supplying a Shelter that adequately addresses the needs of the customer. 

standard size shelters mining vehicle bays

Do I Need a Standard Size or Custom Shelter?

The question of whether to opt for a standard or custom size Shelter is ultimately up to the client. The job parametres have to be considered to establish whether a standard shelter will suffice, or something more Fit-For-Purpose is needed.  

There are situations that will make the decision for the client; for example, if existing on-site infrastructure or objects have to be worked around, or an incredibly specific design is in mind – i.e., an aviation hangar for specific aircraft – a custom Shelter will often be required. Furthermore, add-ons such as end walls, doors, or size variations like large square metre coverage or specific wall height, will all require a design engineer’s input. 

If clients have an open space and little-to-no restrictions, a Standard size will typically be suitable and more cost-effective. 

However, we may be able to cater to specific measurements or existing infrastructure with a standard size solution, creating a work-around. For example, a past client requested a 42m wide by 52m long Shelter, and after some consultation we supplied two 21m x 52m Shelters. Using two Standard Size Shelters resulted in a more cost-effective solution than the client’s original enquiry. This is where it’s best to get in touch with an experienced consultant, who can discuss your requirements with you and offer different solutions. 

fabric agricultural sheep shelter

Get In Touch

To chat to an expert about our Standard Range, get in touch with the DomeShelter™ Team today. You can also take advantage of our free 3D Designer, where you can visualise different Shelter sizes and insert scale models of common infrastructure, such as light vehicles and dozers, to get a better understanding of what Shelter options may suit your needs. 


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