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All premium brands are asked why their products have higher price points than other options out there. At DomeShelter Australia we sometimes have customers tell us they found alternative suppliers who offer cheaper Fabric Shelters. 

This is inevitable; there are always ranging suppliers and price points because there are ranging needs and scopes. Where one might value the importance of buying from a longstanding, reputable company, another might value something else. The important thing is to understand why these variances exist and to discern which solution is right for you.

This article outlines why the cost of a genuine DomeShelter™ Solution may be higher than other market options. 

Container fabric shelter


DomeShelter Australia adheres to the strictest Australian engineering standards. Our manufacturing and management systems are internationally audited and certified to ISO9001 and ISO45001 standards.

A Shelter from a competitor with the same dimensions may look very similar at face value, but may lack this level of quality control and engineering compliance. A recent case study saw a prospective client opt for an alternative, cheaper Shelter, telling our team it was manufactured to withstand 118 km/h winds. According to AS1170.2:2021, minimum Australian wind speeds are 148 km/h, meaning this alternative Structure had not been built to compliance standards and was at serious risk of failure. 

Particuarly on mines or other high compliance sites, it is vital to pay attention to these details so you as a customer, are confident you are choosing a high-quality and trustworthy product. Shortcuts put the safety of your employees and capital items in jeopardy.

Fit-For-Purpose DomeShelter™ Solutions

Many suppliers only offer a limited range of pre-made, off-the-shelf Fabric Shelters. DomeShelter Australia also has a standard size range on offer for quick turnaround or simple projects, however most of our Shelter Solutions are carefully customised fit-for-purpose to suit each individual client’s specific needs.

DomeShelter Australia has a range of options to ensure your Shelter is fit-for-purpose, including: 

We understand that each project is different and has different needs. Every DomeShelter™ client goes through our proven three-step consultation process, ensuring that every factor of their project is put into consideration and the Shelter they purchase is truly Fit-For-Purpose.

Kit Size

DomeShelter™ Kits are often larger than many alternatives available in the industry, contributing to greater transport costs. However, we design our Shelter Kits this way purposefully, to create more benefits in the long run

DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelter Kit

An example of a large truss DomeShelter­™ Kit ready to head to site for installation. This is one of our biggest projects to date.

Our larger kits are a result of having fewer overall pieces, which improves Structural Strength, and significantly reduces installation times and costs once the Shelter reaches site. Two 15m wide by 12.2m long DomeShelter™ Structures on a remote mine site would take an estimated 3 days to install, compared to more than a week with a complicated & ‘bitsy’ kit. 

Ongoing Customer Service

We place great emphasis on superior customer service here at DomeShelter Australia. We maintain clear and ongoing communication with every client. Our experienced team of DomeShelter™ Experts provide support throughout the process from design to installation and beyond. We ensure every client has a clear and available point of contact for any queries or concerns, so the process is as quick and smooth as possible.  

All DomeShelter™ Structures come with a 10-year warranty that covers Engineering, General Workmanship, Framework, Fabric and the Fabric Joins. Additionally, DomeShelter™ Tarps have a 20-year UV warranty! This commitment to ongoing care means that the DomeShelter™ team is available at any time to assist in solving any issues or providing any potential replacement parts, even years after the Shelter is installed. 

Australian Made

We manufacture all Shelters here in Western Australia, using Hi-Tensile Galvanised Australian Steel and the highest strength-to-weight Polyethylene Fabric available. Australia has some of the toughest certification standards in the world, so customers can rest assured their DomeShelter™ Structure is as Tough as the Elements®.

Another significant factor is considering your options for replacement components. Manufacturing in Australia means we can offer quick replacement components if necessary.

One unfortunate purchaser of a cheap alternative Shelter lost their 6-month-old tarp in a mild storm, and could not purchase a new tarp from the original supplier. They were left weighing up if they risk buying another imported Shelter, or approach DomeShelter Australia for a long-term solution. It’s important to consider the longevity of your project, to ensure your Shelter needs will pass the test of time. 



DomeShelter Australia: Engineered to Protect®

Price-related feedback is not uncommon. We are aware that there are cheaper and imported alternatives. We also understand that in certain cases, a DomeShelter™ Solution may not fit your needs, due to price or other factors, for instance, you only need a temporary fix for 1 or 2 months. 

Before you buy, ask yourself:

  • Is the protection of people & assets important? Is their safety at risk?
  • Are there standards I need to comply with?
  • Is this for a short-term project, or do I need it to stand the test of time?
  • Is Australian Made important; a more reliable, ethical, solution?
  • Is install time & ease important?
  • Do I need something fit-for-purpose & customised?
  • Do I need to be able to work with my supplier as a partner, offering support well beyond purchase and installation?

In many cases, it is best to look closely at your project requirements and consider the potential consequences of vying for the cheaper option. What may save in capital cost upfront could well cause losses greatly exceeding that later down the track, in inefficiencies, damaged products, injury to staff or worse.  

The DomeShelter™ Purpose is to protect people and assets from the harmful effects of the elements, and trust is one of our core values.  We can’t deliver on that promise with an inferior product. We believe it is more important to provide a consistently durable, proven product that is Engineered to Protect®.

If you would like more information about DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures, call our sales team on 1300 193 188 or visit Contact Us. 

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