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bulk storage fabric dome shelter

DomeShelter Australia were an “absolute pleasure” to work with in completing this large Shelter project. 

This Pilbara-based logistics provider are one of the largest integrated logistics companies in the country, with extensive networks supporting the mining industry in Western Australia’s Pilbara.  

They required a very large bulk storage facility, with a layout similar to a smaller existing Shelter they already had at a previous site.  

They needed a solution that could hold an extensive amount of bulk materials, while also allowing enough clearance for machinery and road trains to enter the Structure in order to aid the efficient completion of work. 

Site manager Peter utilised DomeShelter Australia’s free online design tool to create a model of the Shelter they required. Once the DomeShelter™ Team received this, they got in contact to begin the purchasing process. 

“This [kind of Shelter] we’ve previously built on another site, similar but a lot smaller, whereas this one here was custom built, bigger,” Peter explained. “It was an absolute pleasure, everything worked really well, straightforward, the team down there… were able to work with us on what we wanted”. 

Watch the video below to see more of this huge bulk storage facility, and hear what Peter had to say about the experience: 


Their DomeShelter™ Structure is a two-bay facility, made up of two interconnected 30m wide by 60m long Shelters. Mounted on concrete walls, with entry points for machinery and vehicles, it is engineered to Wind Region D – Cyclonic standards, as required in the Port Hedland area, where high winds are a frequent occurrence. 

Peter labelled this a key benefit of working with DomeShelter Australia, a trusted and experienced Fabric Shelter supplier. He praised “the reliability of DomeShelter™, knowing what our expectations are here in the Pilbara with the cyclone ratings, [having] the ability to withstand a cyclone and operate the next day once [the cyclone is over]”. 

Large Pilbara Bulk Storage Fabric Shelter

With large, customised Shelter projects such as this one, the DomeShelter™ Team works closely with the client, using a trusted three-stage process, to ensure the end product is fully Fit-For-Purpose, accounting for all project needs, to improve the client’s worksite experience and help deliver safe and efficient site conditions well into the future.  

“It was a straightforward process and it worked very well… the correspondence back and forth was second to none. That’s why we use DomeShelter™.” 

Our free, easy-to-use 3D Designer is available any time on our website, where customers can explore options and sizing to decide the perfect Shelter configurations to suit their needs.   

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