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Bulk raw materials storage

A bulk storage facility is a large structure or collection of structures used for storing and organising raw materials and products. These facilities are an essential component of many industrial worksites, particularly those that deal with large quantities of goods or aggregate materials. 

A neat and secure bulk storage facility helps prevent loss or damage to valuable goods. A solution that keeps different grades of aggregate separated is crucial for maintaining smooth operations. In addition to providing a safe and organized storage solution, bulk storage facilities can also help to streamline the production process by making it easier to access and retrieve necessary materials. This can improve efficiency and productivity, which can ultimately lead to cost savings for businesses. 

If you’re looking for a bulk storage solution for your workplace, you may be wondering what options are available. Steel sheds are the most common and popular choice, but there are alternatives that prove beneficial in areas where steel sheds lack.   

Fabric Shelters for Bulk Storage 

Fabric Shelters, commonly known as Container Shelters or ‘Dome’ Shelters, consist of semi-circular curved steelwork, secured at either end to steel posts or sea containers, covered with durable Polyethylene Fabric. The whole structure is fabricated off-site, packed down into kit form and transported to location to be installed.  

large truss fabric warehouse building

There are three distinct types of Fabric Structures, defined by the substructures onto which the fabric-covered arch is mounted:  

Fabric Structures are a modern alternative to traditional steel structures, providing clean and dry weatherproof storage solutions that are quick to install and can be relocated at any time. They are quickly becoming the first choice for transport, mineral processing and stockpiling.  

There are a range of ways in which Fabric Shelters are ideal for bulk storage: 

Economical & Lightweight 

Steel buildings are long-term, permanent installations, whereas Fabric Structures are non-permanent and can be moved if needed to suit changing on-site conditions. Because of this, they have become increasingly popular on worksites where contractors need to be agile in getting a Shelter installed quickly, and contractors with a fixed term of completion. Fabric Structures are cost-effective, saving overall due to their speed and ease of installation.   

Customisable, Clear Span Storage Space 

Fabric Structures can reach very large sizes, and their unique tensile design means internal support poles aren’t required. Expansive clear-span interiors and extra-tall clearances accommodate aggregate piles of size while providing plenty of additional space for unobstructed work and movement of large machinery. 

egypt africa mine site fabric structure sukari gold mine

Effective & ergonomic protection

Many bulk storage options compose of separating walls only; this uncovered storage leaves materials vulnerable to the harmful effects of the elements, such as strong winds and heavy rain. Sheltered environments keep materials protected from unpredictable weather conditions. DomeShelter™ Structures are fully engineered to withstand up to Australian Wind Region D wind speeds. The Fabric membrane blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays on sunny days; the tarp is also translucent, keeping the inside of the Structure evenly lit throughout the day, which saves on energy costs while creating a pleasant and bright workplace environment.   

Examples of DomeShelter™ Bulk Storage Solutions 

Eleven DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures were installed at CSBP’s Kwinana manufacturing plant in Western Australia. Each Container Mounted Shelter is 23m wide by 24.4m long, providing in total over 6000m2 of storage space. Despite the considerable number of shelters, choosing Fabric Shelters over a traditional steel shed alternative saved them a significant amount of money and time. CSBP manufacture chemicals and fertilisers, so it was critical that their stored product be properly protected from the elements. 

CSBP warehousing

Boral’s Deer Park precinct is located on the Western fringes of Melbourne and supplies materials directly to the Melbourne CBD and suburbs. Boral required a durable, semi-permanent Shelter Solution for their Deer Park complex and decided on four interconnected Fabric Shelters, measuring 9m wide by 12m long. The four Shelters are ‘Super-Rise’, engineered for extra height. The Shelters are mounted on concrete walls, with custom mounting rails engineered to suit

Boral Deer Park Quarry DomeShelter Structure

Below is a concept drawing for DomeShelter Australia’s largest volume capacity project to date, currently being installed at Qube Port Hedland. Once installed, it will be a 2-bay, fully-enclosed bulk storage facility, made up of two interconnected 30m wide by 60.69m long Shelters, mounted on concrete walls and complete with diagonal braces, louvres and guttering. Large enough for road trains and front loaders to work in tandem, a DomeShelter™ Solution was ideal for this huge project. 

Qube Fabric Shelter Bulk Storage facility concept

Southern Wire’s DomeShelter™ Structure allows them to neatly store large quantities of product and keep stock protected from the elements. 

Bulk Storage Dome Shelter

DomeShelter Australia 

With decades of experience suppling Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Structures for bulk storage, the DomeShelter™ Team is happy to answer any questions and assist you in obtaining a Shelter that is perfectly suited to your project.  

Try our free 3D Design Tool to explore the different size and configurations available, or get in touch directly! 


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