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Shipping Container Shed mounting and securing

The defining features of a Shipping Container Shed are an arched roof structure covered with tough and durable vinyl and mounted on standard sea containers. Also known as a Container Shed or a Container Mounted Fabric Shelter, these structures are becoming increasingly popular on mining and industrial sites for warehouses and workshops. Here we discuss the securing options available for a Shipping Container Shed.

They are increasingly used as an alternative to a traditional steel building, particularly on remote mine sites, due to their ability to ship to site in kit form and be easily and quickly installed, sometimes within a few short weeks of the client placing an order.

Ease & Speed of Installation

One of the key benefits of a Shipping Container Shed is their ease and speed of installation. The lack of footings and in many cases ground disturbance typically associated with steel buildings is a key factor in the installation process.

Securing Options

There are a number of securing options available depending on the size of the structure and the wind region it is installed in. Whilst in-ground concrete footings can be used, alternatives include hulk earth anchors, above ground concrete blocks with straps and soil ballast loaded directly into the container. Specialists in the team at DomeShelter Australia get involved in the early stages of the design to provide the best engineering solution to meet the specific needs of every installation.

Mounting Options

Sea containers as mounting options for the fabric roof structure provide for a range of configurations that account for height and length required and the use to which the shelter is to be put to. Options include the roof structure mounted;

  1. On inside of both containers
  2. On inside of one and outside of opposite container
  3. On outside of both containers

Length & Height

Length is managed by stacking containers end to end, and height is achieved with either single, double or triple stacked containers. The size of the Shipping Shed can also be extended by stacking the shelters side by side and sharing common “walls”.

As a result, it is not uncommon to see Shipping Container Sheds that are two, three or more than four shelters wide to enable the largest equipment to be serviced under them.

Contact a DomeShelter™ Consultant to discuss the mounting and securing options available to you for a Shipping Container Shed.

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