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abra base metals core testing facility fabric structure

The Abra Base Metals Project is an underground lead-silver mine being developed in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia. It is a high-value, high-grade project involving one of the biggest underdeveloped lead deposits in the world. 

The project is overseen by Abra Mining, an Australian exploration and mining company that is joint owned by Galena Mining Limited and Toho Zinc Co., Ltd.  

Abra approached DomeShelter Australia for a Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Structure designed to be large enough to shelter their portable buildings and their core sample testing facility. 

The Shelters needed to be fully engineered and compliant, while remaining in budget and being delivered in full on time. 

abra base metals core farm fabric shelter

The Abra Mining team had multiple meetings with their DomeShelter™ Consultants, during which different options were presented – particularly the option for either a single hoop or Truss roof structure – to determine what was the best option to meet their needs. 

The DomeShelter™ Team worked closely to assist with overall project costs and ensure the Shelter was delivered within budget. Abra’s concrete expenses were considered and figures were provided that ultimately proved the Truss design was the cost-effective as the footing/hold down requirements were less intensive.  

abra base metals mine site core sample testing shelter

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