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Container Shelter Overview

Built to Australia’s high engineering standards and synonymous with quality, for a fit-for-purpose, versatile and durable container shelter solution.

Corrugated steel buildings have been in use for nearly two centuries and have stood the test of time, but with the increasing sophistication of fabric technology, DomeShelterTM Container Sheds are now proven alternatives to steel sheds on mining and industrial sites.

Our Specification Guide provides a complete visual guide to all the essential information you need to create a workshop, warehouse or storage solution.

Container DomeSheltersTM come in a large range of sizes to suit various shipping container configurations and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions including cyclonic winds up to the highest cyclone rating D.

  • Stack containers one, two or three high for the highest equipment
  • End to end containers for any length required
  • Widths from 6-30 metres for large span free work spaces
  • Add-ons including end walls, doors, guttering, signage
  • Create multiple workshop bays with common container walls
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