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Wheatstone Chevron LNG project

The Wheatstone LNG project is one of Australia’s largest resource developments. It is located in Onslow, Western Australia and is led by Chevron. Chevron is an American multinational energy company and a successor company of the Standard Oil Company; the company is engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industries, including refining, marketing, transport and power generation. 

The Wheatstone Project is a Joint Venture consisting of an offshore platform connected by a trunkline to an onshore plant. The plant includes two LNG trains, a domestic gas plant and associated infrastructure. 

The offshore gas-processing platform is the largest ever installed in Australia, with a topside weight of about 37,000 metric tonnes, and is the largest float-over installation Chevron has ever delivered globally.  

The project involved dozens of subcontracted companies as Australia’s first collaborative resource project. Chevron has awarded more than 300 contracts to local Australian companies since 2011 – from site construction contracts to sourcing goods and services. 

Many of these companies required temporary or semi-permanent Shelter Solutions to assist with on-site activities and reached out to DomeShelter Australia for genuine DomeShelter™ Structures that could withstand the tough conditions. In total, more than 49 DomeShelter™ Structures have been provided to the Wheatstone site. All of these were fully engineered for Onslow’s weather conditions, including Region D Cyclonic wind speeds 

Wheatstone LNG case study

Details about a small selection of DomeShelter Australia’s Wheatstone Shelter Solutions are described below:  


Bechtel Corporation is the largest construction company in the United States, carrying out engineering, procurement, construction and project management services. 

Bechtel has a skilled Energy unit that focuses on designing and building LNG, oil, pipeline, petrochemicals, natural gas and water treatment facilities. Bechtel has built a third of the world’s LNG liquefaction capacity.  

Bechtel were primarily responsible for the construction of the two-train LNG plant found at the Wheatstone site. 

To successfully and efficiently complete this huge construction project, Bechtel required a number of durable, semi-permanent Shelter Solutions. DomeShelter Australia provided the following Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Structures, each designed, engineered and manufactured to be Tough as the Elements®. 

  • 10m wide by 12.2m long 
  • 12m wide by 6.05m long 
  • 12m wide by 12.2m long 
  • 21m wide by 12.2m long 

Chicago Bridge & Iron 

Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I) is one of the largest engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies, specialising in projects for the oil and gas industry.  

CB&I assisted Bechtel to provide structural, mechanical and piping construction work for all outside battery limits modules and associated units for the Wheatstone Project. 

DomeShelter Australia provided a 15m long by 12.2m wide DomeShelter™ Structure to CB&I, to protect staff and materials while works were completed. 

Greg Thornton 

Greg Thornton constructions are a high quality building company located in Brisbane, Queensland.  

Greg Thornton approached DomeShelter Australia for a proven Shelter Solution to protect staff and materials while completing work on the Wheatstone Project. DSA provided a 12m wide by 12.2m long structure. 

Downer EDI Engineering 

Downer Group is an integrated services company active in Australia and New Zealand. 

Downer Group completes operations in five main service lines: Transport; Utilities; Facilities; Engineering, Construction and Maintenance (EC&M); and Mining. 

Downer provided the Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering projects for the downstream portion of the Wheatstone Project. This included the inside and outside of the LNG trains and domestic gas plant processing areas. 

This complex job involved large quantities of related construction materials and employed more than 600 workers. To protect their people and assets from the harmful effects of the elements, Downer contacted DomeShelter Australia and received two fully engineered Shelter Solutions: 

  • 6m wide by 6.05m long 
  • 6m wide by 12.2m long 

gas processing plant infrastructure


Boral Limited is a multinational company founded in Australia, manufacturing and supplying building and construction materials. 

Boral were supplied a 11.9m wide by 12.2m long DomeShelter™ Structure to support their activities during the construction of the Wheatstone plant. 

CAPE Australia Onshore 

Cape is a leading provider of material processing and logistics, utilities and infrastructure solutions to the Resources, Utilities and Infrastructure Sectors. 

Cape supplied all scaffold erection and dismantling services for the Wheatstone Project, as well as being subcontracted by Bechdel for the provision of painting, insulating and fireproofing. 

Cape were provided two large DomeShelter™ Structures to improve the safety and efficiency of works on-site: 

  • 12m wide by 12.2m long 
  • 15m wide by 24.4m long with Endwalls 


Kiewit Corporation is one of the largest construction and engineering organisations in North America. They have provided full project delivery services to oil, gas and chemical companies for more than half a century. 

Kiewit’s involvement in the Wheatstone Project included site support, procurement, installation and maintenance of underground and aboveground utilities, construction and maintainence of roads and laydown areas, and multi-disciplinary support. 

In order to successfully carry out this broad scope of work, Kiewit required quality Shelter Solutions to protect people and assets in Onslow’s cyclonic conditions. DomeShelter Australia were approached for two fully-engineered structures: 

  • 12m wide by 6.05m long 
  • 12m wide by 12.2m long 

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