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Merkanooka Haulage: Case Study


container dome shelter heavy vehicle maintenance bay

Image courtesy of Merkanooka Haulage

Merkanooka Haulage are a WA haulage company, servicing the mining and agricultural sectors.  

They operate a large fleet, with trucks running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Merkanooka Haulage required a large, reliable Structure Solution to serve as a maintenance hub for their mining fleet. The Structure had to be easy to transport to and install at a remote location but remain durable and safe for staff to work under.

DomeShelter Australia provided a 12 metre wide by 30.5 metre long Container Mounted DomeShelter Structure to fulfill Merkanooka’s needs. The Shelter features signage printed on both sides of the fabric tarp roof. 

container shelter fabric structure mine site structure

Image courtesy of Merkanooka Haulage

Merkanooka’s team operates within their self-sufficient DomeShelter Workshop year-round and any time of day, protected from even the harshest elements. The workshop keeps their loaders and prime movers running without the need for equipment to be transported off-site, which helps them avoid costly delays.  

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