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ammonium nitrate storage hanwha

Hanwha Corporation specialise in the manufacture and distribution of safe and high-quality explosives to a range of application services such as drilling, blasting, demolition, fireworks, and further to global mining services. 

Hanwha Mining Services run an emulsion manufacturing and storage facility in Wubin, in WA’s Mid-West. 

The facility supports mining operations across Western Australia, as well as being a support/backup manufacturing facility for other Hanwha operations across Australia.  

Hanwha required secure, compliant Shelter Solutions for the storage of their volatile explosives on-site, particularly ammonium nitrate products. 

ammonium nitrate storage hanwha

Ammonium Nitrate Storage must adhere to strict codes and guidelines, which are enforced by government bodies, to ensure safety and risk mitigation. These guidelines outline that ammonium nitrate storage is best suited to enclosed, lockable and well-ventilated Structures.   

DomeShelter™ Structures are perfectly suited to ammonium nitrate storage and fulfil all the necessary risk control guidelines. Our Armourtex® 400 fabric is fully weatherproof and the Structure can be made enclosed and fully lockable to avoid cross-contamination or tampering, but parts of the structure can also be opened up to allow ventilation and airflow.   

Hanwha were supplied 3 DomeShelter™ Structures for use as Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Nitrate Shelters at the Wubin facility. The Super-Rise Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures are 12m wide by 28m long. The walls feature Colourbond cladding for additional security. The Shelters are fully engineered to adhere to Australian Wind Code Standards, as well as having earthquake loading. 

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