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Side view of a Post Mounted fabric shelter with a central opening

Located in the Ghanzi District of Botswana, Motheo is the centre of a long-life copper production hub in the Kalahari Copperbelt, established after a T3 copper and silver deposit was discovered in 2016. 

Sandfire Resources acquired Motheo in late 2019. African Mining Services (AMS) was appointed as the open-pit mining contractor.  

Sandfire views Motheo as being the centre of a new, long-life copper production hub in the Kalahari Copperbelt, which could see additional standalone mines being developed in the long term. 

The Motheo operation involves extensive processing activities and infrastructure. In addition, a mining fleet of “brand new equipment”, including CAT 785 and 777 dump trucks were transported to Botswana to aid operations. 

Fabric Tyre Bay Shelter AMS Motheo

To support the functionality and longevity of this equipment, a dedicated Tyre Change Bay was sought. Fabric Shelters make ideal Tyre Change facilities, due to their size potential and configuration flexibility. 

AMS was supplied a 15.65m wide by 20m long Truss Shelter. The Structure has openings on three sides for ease of vehicle access, with a fitted-out shipping container integrated into the fourth, fully enclosed side, providing secure storage and dedicated office space. 

The Shelter kit was packed inside one shipping container for cost-effective and fast delivery from Western Australia to Botswana. 

AMS Motheo Case Study

The climate in the Kalahari desert is extreme, with summer temperatures reaching 46°C. Having a dedicated, sheltered Tyre Change facility allows team members to perform vehicle maintenance despite the weather, reducing downtime and protecting them from the harmful effects of the elements. It also reduces wear and tear, with equipment and assets also remaining protected from the sun. 

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