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agriculture shelter shed alternative

Shelter is an important fixture on farms around the world. Large farms will often feature dozens of steel sheds, the traditional agriculture shelter choice, serving a range of purposes from equipment storage to animal housing. 

This past year, disrupted supply chains and rising costs of raw materials such as timber, steel and concrete, as well as labour shortages, have all lead to inflated prices and increased lead times. This has highlighted the need for a modern, adaptable Shelter Solution to respond to these market issues. 

While steel sheds are usually the go-to, many farmers are unaware that a durable alternative Shelter option exists and has serviced the agricultural industry for decades: Fabric Shelters, the reliable, modern Shelter Solution, able to protect livestock and equipment even in harsh and unpredictable conditions. 

farm shed alternative agriculture storage solution

Department of Agriculture Shelter Recommendations 

The Department of Agriculture has recommended improved animal husbandry shelter to combat the potential negative effects of climate change.  

Providing shade, shelter and cooling systems, especially for species that are intolerant to heat such as dairy cattle, is a recommended adaptation for farmers in response to increased extremes in weather and climate patterns. 

Waterlogging due to abnormally heavy rainfall, heat stress due to increasingly high temperatures, and changing livestock exposure and susceptibility to parasites and disease are all of particular concern as potential harmful effects of climate change. 

What Shelter Do Sheep and Cows Need? 

Cattle and sheep are pasture grazing species and usually require minimal shelter, however some form of wind break and reprieve from cold showers is recommended, especially during lambing/calf season. Newborn animals are extremely prone to cold weather and can perish if left exposed to harsh elements. 

Good Shelter Solutions can also improve the welfare of animals and reduce production losses. Cattle without Shelter need to put more energy into normal functioning and less into production, according to Victoria’s Department of Agriculture website.  

What Shelter Do Pigs Need? 

Pigs require shelter year-round. Trees, no matter how dense, will not provide sufficient cover and a permanent, designated structure should be provided for this purpose. 

Pigs are also destructive animals, so the provided Shelter needs to be constructed using tough, durable materials that can withstand their destructive tendencies. Known as ‘Pig Arks’, long Shelters with curved roofs are a popular choice for pig farmers. 

pig ark shelter shed

A piggery in Western Australia with 27 DomeShelter Structures onsite.

Fabric AGRICULTURE SHELTERS: The Modern Solution 

DomeShelter™ Structures are the industry’s leading choice for Fabric Shelter Solutions. With over 30 years experience, the DomeShelterteam designs, engineers and manufactures Fabric Structures to the highest Australian quality standards, using durable Australian steel and tough, high-tensile Armourtex™ 400 polyethylene tarp.   

Fabric Structures are the modern Shelter Solution, optimising in areas where steel buildings typically lack. Fabric Structures offer a range of benefits especially well suited to farming and agriculture: 

  • Modular, moveable structures able to be relocated in response to changing needs on the farm 
  • Bright and well ventilated, with ample fresh air 
  • Fit-For-Purpose, fully engineered designs, customised to suit your specific needs 

Farm Storage Solved with DomeShelter Australia 

DomeShelter™ Structures are the perfect storage solution for materials or machinery. Ranging from 6mx6m to sizes as large as 30mx85m, they come in a range of mounting options and are designed to be fully Fit-For-Purpose to suit your specific needs. 

Our durable Armortex 400 Fabric protects from all elements; it keeps the weather out on windy and/or rainy days, with a waterproof design and engineering to suit up to Australian Wind Region D wind speeds. The fabric blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays on sunny days, and the interior is cooler during summer, protecting people, assets and livestock from the harsh sun.   

farm equipment and hay shed shelter

DomeShelter™ Animal Housing Solutions 

sheep feed shelter

DomeShelter Australia began its business providing quality Shelters to the agricultural sector; a number of piggeries throughout Western Australia were among the company’s first clients. 

Fabric Structures are a cost effective storage solution for feed or machinery, but are also particularly optimised for animal housing and husbandry. They are bright and airy, the breathable translucent fabric allowing for even, natural light that reduces power consumption while also creating a more pleasant internal environment.  

Walls can be left open, partially or fully, to allow fresh air to pass through the structure, also providing better temperature control than steel structures, which can become incredibly hot and stuffy in the summer months.  

No need for internal support poles – regardless of the size of the structure – means a large, obstruction-free internal space that can be outfitted however best suits your needs. 

Fence mounted AgShelter with green tarp used to shelter a sheep run.

Contact Us For Your Agriculture Shelter Needs

If you would like to know more about how a DomeShelter™ Structure could solve your Agricultural Shelter needs, try our Free 3D Designer tool or get in contact with a DomeShelter™ Consultant for a friendly chat about how our products .   

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