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Hi, I’m the owner of Scott’s Mobile Mechanics, we provide services around Perth on a mobile basis as well as workshop basis, we have a variety of clients, we have large clients at the airport like Qantas catering all the way to mums and dads with their family cars come through our place.

Absolutely best reputation for Shelters, I had experience in the mining industry with DomeShelter, I was very happy to go with them when it was my own business.

We wanted to keep our light vehicle maintenance away from the heavy vehicle maintenance in our existing workshops, so we wanted to provide a clean environment for people to bring their vehicles to for our mechanics to work on down here near the rest of the offices.

I’d absolutely recommend DomeShelter, the main reasons would be we are often asked, people when they have a look at it will say how impressed they are, what do you think I would’ve paid for this, and they always give me a price that’s above what we paid for it, um also when I asked for it within two weeks it was well and truly on the way.

I’d say they’re responsive, I’d say they’re competitively priced, you can build it yourself, you can use DomeShelter resources to build it during the week if that’s what you require, or you can get a really good deal with them to do it outside of hours as well so very responsive, very flexible, great deal, very happy with it.

Mainly from our point of view it’s become a bit of a talking point for our yard, just really happy with the outcome and really happy for DomeShelter to hear the work’s expanding outside of Western Australia to other areas including overseas, which is fantastic so we’re very happy for them.

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