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If you’re scrolling through this page, you might see all the questions and wonder why we want so much information from you straight away. You may even be reluctant to fill them out. Fearful that you’ll be bombarded with countless emails, phone calls and follow-ups. We understand. If you want to see what really happens when you request a quote, keep listening.

My name is Brooke, and I’m a part of the customer service team here at DomeShelter Australia. And we just want to take a moment to walk you through our design and costing process and explain what will happen after you request a quote. If your request fits one of our standard shelter sizes, we can have our standard design and pricing guide promptly sent through for your convenience. For a more complex or customized DomeShelter request, we have created a three-step proven process that will ensure you will receive the ultimate and most cost-effective design for your project. The reason we ask so many questions is to make sure we understand your needs and offer a solution that is truly fit for purpose. Having this information straight away helps us make the consultation process as fast and effective as possible. For example, we ask where the shelter is being installed because wind region codes and other necessary requirements for that area may influence engineering specifications. In other words, the more you can tell us about the project and the purpose of the shelter, the easier it is for us to make sure we’re providing you with the best possible solution.

Once you submit the analysis form, we will assign your inquiry to a member of our team with relevant experience in your sector. They will go through the information you have given, start developing a plan, and then call you to introduce themselves and clarify any further points. Once all the bases are covered and we understand the purpose and complexity of the shelter, we create a 3D model of your DomeShelter Structure, including the sizing. This enables you to visualize your project and critique the design as needed. Once we have all the information we can finalise a formal investment guide. Once we’ve finalized the design and investment, we will arrange a presentation meeting to run through the design details, our project process, and delivery timing. If you need any changes made, we will take care of them and present you with an update as soon as possible. With over 60 years combined experience, you can be sure that your request is safe in our hands. And that’s it. We work hard to make this process as simple and painless as possible while still making sure you receive a solution that is purpose-driven for your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to fill out the form and get in touch with the team so we can start solving your shelter needs.

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